700 Billion dollar$$$$ ….enough money to spend KILING the 7 billion human inhabitants currently on planet Earth 100 times

700 Billion dollar$$$$ ….enough money to spend KILING  the 7 billion human inhabitants  currently on planet Earth 100 times…

Senate passes defense bill, leaving several controversial policies unresolved

The bill does not address Trump’s proposed ban on transgender troops or North Korea sanctions, as some lawmakers had hoped.

By Karoun Demirjian  •  PowerPost  •  Read more »


Trump says he wants a massive military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on July 4

Trump loved France’s Bastille Day military parade so much that he wants one of his own in America.

By Abby Phillip  •  Post Politics  •  Read more »…. Guess this means Trump will be rolling the tanks and missiles out like they did in Russia as proof Trump’s military can KILL you…


CIA wants authority to conduct drone strikes in Afghanistan

The Pentagon fears US troops would face backlash from CIA drone attacks.The expansion of US military operations around the drone has coincided with the Pentagon having an increasingly large drone arsenal to carry out unmanned airstrikes around the world. That’s given them an opportunity to massively increase spending on drone warfare.But the CIA also invested massively in drone warfare, and officials are looking for more opportunities to use those drones from extrajudicial killings. This has led CIA ….Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »

Kushner, Bannon, Flynn pushed huge nuclear power deal in Middle East for profit, in secret


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