U really awake …U really see…???

imageU really awake U really see…???

Yup, it is time to wake up

There are roses to smell

Sun rises and sunsets to behold

If fortunate enough the heart of another to love and cherish

Tea behold the bounty and beauty Mother Nature has gifted to us

The generosity a stranger willingly gifts to another

A kaleidoscope of color of children in a community park playing

A covey of quall as they scurry about

A Seeing-Eye dog alertly leading a smartly attired man

A flock of geese tranquilly floating about

A dog and cat cautiously checking the other out

Watching an apple fall from a tree

A fish jump in a pond

The flight of birds suddenly startled

In awe as a humpback whale surfaces and frolics about

The grandeur as the Rocky Mountains appear

How small are we in the midst of a redwood forest

A band of wild horses freely running about steadfastly following a leader they trust

With the car window down the rushing water beckons, stop, come and see

Driving the Navajo Indian reservation a flash of lightening appears then comes a cloud burst

In an instant a moment before a dry arroyo, now a torrent of red muddy water

Passing a Hogan we lock to see, are they traditional, their door facing the East..?

As we drive the “res” at night, we cross our finger hoping not to see another Native American passed out along the road, victim of “white man’s-fire-water” used to subdue so long ago

WOW, a brilliant blue ocean to behold and all those bikinis…what a sight

Dust is thick ahead, signals uranium ore trucks hard at work, to the crusher they head

Once processed fuel it becomes, to stoke the nuclear fuel power plant, lighting Phoenix and much of the southwest

Sun glistens off a ribbon of water heading East across a barren desert landscape

Yes …  it’s the CAP carrying pumped Colorado River water to residents of Phoenix and Tucson and to irrigate our desert farm lands

Look it’s Temple Square so this must be Salt Lake City, Utah home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir… what an incredible voice they resonate

Off to the west is The Great Salt Lake and Bonneville Salt Flats where racers worldwide risk life and limb to get their name in the record book

Farther west it’s the “biggest little city in the world” – Reno – where unlimited gambling abounds … unfettered 24/7

Don’t forget Lake Tahoe … what a sight …and at one time 105 feet down one could clearly see…but not today 70 feet and likely tomorrow even less

The lush irrigated farmlands of Central California’s valley … providing delectable vegetables for most of America to enjoy…extended drought and climate change appear to radically changed that…what tomorrow brings we do not know

Off Washington State’s San Juan Islands giant salmon fish farms stretch…home to “factory” Franken fish… Can you say GMO

Journeying north we expect to see lots of ice….but there’s none…where’s it gone … is it climate change or it is not…or do we even care…?

Down in America’s Deep South … hurricanes Harvey and Irma screamed about creating a Hell of a mess … creating questions as to how quickly and how much will it cost to make the area livable once again

It’s that time of year again …football season … is upon us now …from the little guys to the pros put on your helmet and hit’em hard, hit’m low, even hit’em in the head… remember…just win.

…And don’t forget Trump … you know… our President … following Harvey and Irma’s path is leaving quite a trail of crap of his own…

Now you’re up to date, no need to tune in any TV talking-heads…

And now, have a good day…

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