And … what you want to impeach Trump to replace him with…????… Mr. Potato head…???

…And … what you want to impeach Trump to replace him with…????… Mr. Potato head…???

Mike Pence comes up with dumbest argument against NFL players yet, and that is saying something


By Hunter  ………2017/09/26 · 13:01Bottom of Form………We have reached the unavoidable point in a news story where America’s most prominent people deliver their dumbest possible takes. We seem to be getting to that point with great speed, of late: whatever else you might say about the Trump administration, they have truly streamlined the process of saying stupid things out loud.

According to Pence, the use of “national” in the name of the National Football League means players must stand during the national anthem. […]

“We’ve all got a right to our opinions,” Pence told the crowd, “but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that players in the National Football League to stand for our national anthem.”

Can we … can we just not do this, please? If it were Donnie Thimblethumbs piping up with this, it would be because he truly did not understand that the National Football League was not an official part of government. Mike Pence is not that dumb—but he will still try his level best.

Is it binding, though? So players of the National Football League must not protest the national anthem—we can presume players in the National Basketball Association are similarly constrained, but Major League Baseball players can do as they like? Wait—unless they are in the National League, of course. And the Washington Nationals may as well rendition themselves to Gitmo en masse if players try anything untoward.

Employees of National Car Rental? They leave their rights of citizenship at the office door. The poor bastards can only wish they worked for Hertz instead.

But wait—why does National Geographic have so many photos of non-American animals and landscapes?

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