I conclude this is a rhetorical question …just follow the $$$$$$ into the pockets of Congre$$$$$…

…I conclude this is a rhetorical question …just follow the $$$$$$ into the pockets of Congre$$$$$

Dairy Is Bad for Humans, Cows and the Planet: So Why Are Public Schools Required to Offer Milk With Every Meal?

By Susan Levin, AlterNet ….It’s time for our elected leaders to stand up to the dairy lobby….. READ MORE»

they are not on Trump’s radar…

…Face it … in Trump America … they are people of “color”, poor, and a lot of ocean away and most importantly … nonessential …they are not on Trump’s radar…

…U.S. Is Failing With Its Food and Water Crisis in Puerto Rico…We must prioritize an equitable and just disaster response and a sustainable future for Puerto Rico…


By Wenonah Hauter / Food & Water Watch    October 19, 2017, 12:00 PM GMT    It’s been a month since supercharged Hurricane Maria delivered a devastating blow to Puerto Rico, and people are still suffering without food, water, and electricity. This is America in 2017, and there is only more climate chaos ahead thanks to the tight fist that fossil fuel interests have on climate policy. What will the response be to this new normal—deadly hurricanes, horrific and deadly wildfires, and their equally deadly aftermath? The past few weeks of climate disasters during this historically vicious season have shown that we need to move swiftly off of greenhouse gas-spewing fossil fuels. They have also shown that if we don’t prioritize an equitable and just response to these unnatural disasters, more Americans will continue to face climate-fueled humanitarian crises.


And the Americans that will be most adversely affected are the vulnerable—children; elders; pregnant women; and low-income communities and communities of color. Puerto Rico is one of the starkest environmental justice stories of our time, and a reminder that our response to disasters must protect everyone going forward. This is our first test of humanitarian response within our borders to mass numbers of people lacking food and water, and in Puerto Rico, where 3.4 million Americans live, the Trump administration has failed miserably.

for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

…It’s really simple … for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction … Might want to study a bit about Sir Isaac Newton…

American Corporations and Consumers Are Driving China’s Air Pollution, Which Has Now Drifted to the U.S.

By Alex Jensen, AlterNet …..Globalization has an environmental and public health blowback: drifting smog. ……….READ MORE»

Who creates your reality…???

clip_image002Who creates your reality…???

And no doubt in the blink of an eye, you’ll stridently proclaim …I do… really…???

Did you conjure your reality to live in a country whose President is an admitted abuser of women, for whom truth is solely as he in that moment determines, who is genuinely incapable of empathy, who enjoys dividing people according to color, language, physical attributes, wealth, religious beliefs, then setting them in opposition against each other…???

If this the realty you desire, then welcome to Trump America…and his idea of making America great again…


If your reality is something different then there’s work to be done to achieve that reality … and it time WE get off our butts and endeavor to achieve this different realty…

Americans have become consciously lazy allowing other to determine a reality which does not serve them, but, generously serves those, whose reality is designed to thwart yours…

Does this really make any sense…???

Then why in HELL do we permit it to continue…???

To stifle legitimate free speech is to start down a very slippery slope … is this what we are willing to accept…???

…To stifle legitimate free speech is to start down a very slippery slope … is this what we are willing to accept…???

Sessions says he can’t ‘make a blanket commitment’ not to jail journalists

"We will utilize the authorities that we have, legally and constitutionally, if we have to."

By Callum Borchers  •   Read more »

Arizona what do you not understand … Az. Gov. Doug Ducey feels he serves solely at the behest of the Koch Bro$ who purchased the office of governor for him

clip_image002…Arizona what do you not understand … Az. Gov. Doug Ducey feels he serves solely at the behest of the Koch Bro$ who purchased the office of governor for him…

What possesses anyone to deny emergency health service to any human being..???

clip_image002…What possesses anyone to deny emergency health service to any human being..???

…How can America tolerate such belief on the part of any elected government official…???

GOP Lawmaker Says Emergency Rooms Should Be Able To Turn People Away

Back to the good old days….By Amanda TerkelRep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) proposed on Friday that hospital emergency rooms should be able to turn patients away to help keep health care costs down.

“I’m an emergency room nurse,” Black told MSNBC host Chuck Todd on Friday. “There are people that came into my emergency room that I, the nurse, was the first one to see them. I could have sent them to a walk-in clinic or their doctor the next day, but because of a law that Congress put into place to say, no, I have to treat everybody that walks into that emergency room.”

“You took away our ability to say, ‘No, an emergency room is not the proper place.’ And then, you put a burden on top of that to say, ‘You must do that,’” added the congresswoman, who is also running for governor of Tennessee.

At issue is the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which was signed into law by former President Ronald Reagan in 1986. It was a congressional response to stories of “patient dumping” ― hospitals would deny treatment to patients or send them elsewhere, usually because the individuals didn’t have insurance. Many of these patients were unemployed or were people of color.

Those transferred individuals were more likely to die, and the delayed care often jeopardized the patients’ health.

The law put a particular focus on pregnant women (hence “active labor” in the law’s name), to ensure that they would be able to deliver their babies and receive full care.  Changing the law, as Black advocates, would send America back to a time when hospitals can use their discretion to turn people away.

“We must treat everybody that walks in whether you’ve had a sore throat for a week, we must see them. And that crowds the emergency room. It drives the cost of emergencies up,” Black added on MSNBC. “And so, yes, if someone comes in from an auto accident, I don’t want to ask whether they have insurance or not. I’m going to take care of them.”

Bottom of Form

“But what it did is crowd my emergency room, where I work,” she added. “And disallowed me from using my good judgment skills, of which I was trained to do and doctors are as well. And the federal government said, you must ― and you can’t make those decisions. And I think that was a poor thing for us to do.”

This free-for-all system would not be unlike what happened before Obamacare, when there were fewer requirements for insurance companies to accept people for coverage. It was a time when insurance providers were free to turn people away because they had more expensive pre-existing conditions ― or were labeled as potentially having an expensive condition down the line. And since these companies were free to do so, they did.

Nobody thinks EMTALA is perfect and non-partisan organizations, including the Institute of Medicine, have long called for revising some of the law’s regulations as part of a broader strategy to ease emergency room overcrowding. And although conservatives have been among the most critical of the law, even the Heritage Foundation admits that “the outright repeal of EMTALA is highly unlikely,” and it’s not something you hear talked about much in health care debates.

When Todd asked Black whether she would get rid of the law, she replied, “I would get rid of a law that says that you ― you are not allowed, as a health care professional, to make that decision about whether someone can be appropriately treated the next day, or at a walk-in clinic, or at their doctor.”

Also, technically, no doctor or hospital is required to see anybody. But treating all patients is a requirement for hospitals using Medicare funds. So already, a doctor or hospital can turn people away ― as Black suggests they should be able to do ― they just won’t get to bill Medicare.