Now you honestly believe that America will not find a way to sneakily impinge on this agreement….???

…Now you honestly believe that America will not find a way to sneakily impinge on this agreement….???

Accord with Mexico set to prevent water crises

The Editorial Board of The Arizona Republic wrote that a water-sharing deal between the United States and Mexico proves that smart water planning has no borders.

Known as Minute 323, the accord represents the continuation of decades of cooperation on water management and improves a previous agreement that expires at the end of the year.

Since 1944, the United States has had a treaty with Mexico regarding the Colorado River and the Rio Grande. Mexico has rights to Colorado River water and its participation in long-range water planning is essential.

Built on a shared goal of boosting the reservoir levels in Lake Mead to prevent shortages, Minute 323 now provides a powerful incentive for Arizona, California and Nevada to finish a much-needed Drought Contingency Plan for the region.

"Water agencies and users have already been investing in projects to leave water in Lake Mead, which is one of the reasons the lake levels have stayed above that critical 1,075 (feet of elevation) point" that triggers a declaration of a shortage, says Sarah Porter, director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute.

Negotiated by representatives of both United States and Mexico, Minute 323 furthers cooperation and long-term planning to prevent the need for crisis management.

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A possible FYI if you are an iPhone user

…A possible FYI if you are an iPhone user…

iPhone warns their users of its biggest health risk in its manual (what you need to know)


A lot has changed since the first commercial cell phone was sold by Motorola in 1983. We have received internet access on some cellular devices as early as 1991. The first smartphone was created the next year. And in 2007, Apple released its first iPhone, changing the whole industry. Today, Apple is still leading the way of innovation, and by doing so, increasing the potential for potentially serious adverse health effects with too much use. This is not something most phone users want to discuss – as … …Read full article at website »

Honestly, I am jealous, how do I got a deal like this

clip_image002…Now that’s what I call a “sweet-heart” deal or is another example of our Phoenix City Council $crewing the taxpayer, voters, citizens, again…???

…Honestly, I am jealous, how do I got a deal like this…???

…Possibly …but … not something our government want us to consider…

…Possibly …but … not something our government want us to consider…

False flag in Vegas shooting?


False flags always target the psychological state of mind of the public. Mind control is the goal.

To boil it down, a false flag is an operation staged to blame someone for a crime, someone who didn’t commit the crime.

Why? Because by blaming that person or group, and by convincing many others to blame that person or group, you achieve an important objective.

Simplistic over-exaggerated version: “Last night, a homeless man was found shot dead in an alley. The gun was found next to his body. The Mayor’s fingerprints were on the [planted] gun. The Mayor was arrested at his office. The election nears. The Mayor’s opponent now appears to have a clear path to victory…”

Less simplistic version: “…the worst mass shooting in US history. Stephen Paddock, 64, has been named as the Las Vegas shooter. He is dead. He killed 58 people at a concert and wounded 515 others. In the Congress, calls are rising for new gun control laws…”

But, as it turns out, the evidence suggests there were multiple shooters in the Mandalay Hotel. Paddock may or may not have been one of them. The overall operation was designed to invoke widespread horror and fear, and usher in new restrictions on gun ownership…

The other possible shooters in the hotel would have been professionals, tasked with killing as many people as possible at the country music concert.

Gun control would not be the only agenda in this false flag.

Heavily militarized police all over this country would be another agenda.

Putting a significant dent in the economy would be another—if attendance at public events and in crowded public places diminishes.

Such a reduction in attendance could even affect political forums and other gatherings where free speech and the right to assemble are vital. (We’ve already seen significant disruptions of these events.)

Invoking fear and passivity in the population is another basic agenda. This leads to the attitude: “Let the authorities handle everything.”

We could see new, more outrageous violations of Constitutional search and seizure principles, all in the name of “the need for security.”

As in the aftermath of Sandy Hook (archive here), there may be new calls for psychiatric screening of the population, including young children, in order to “spot criminals before they commit crimes.” This is sheer madness, because no so-called mental disorder is based on any defining lab test, and many of the prescribed drugs (SSRI antidepressants) push people over the edge into committing violence. —More violence, more calls for psychiatric screening, more drugs, more violence: an escalating scenario and repeating cycle, leading to tighter Control from above.

When was the last time you saw a major false flag exposed by the mainstream press, and then admitted to by the actual perpetrators, who then explained their true objectives?


False flags are, over the long term, essential to maintaining and expanding the status quo: power is collected and increased at the top, and then exerted downward.

Note: All prior analyses I’ve made about the duration of the shooting, and numbers of people killed and injured, are subject to change. Why? Because as yet, we have no accurate reports on how many of the 515 people injured were actually shot versus trampled or hurt in some other fashion. Also, police reports that are emerging differ on the duration of the shooting. The NY Times is talking about roughly 7 minutes. Newsweek suggests the duration is longer.

Nevertheless, the background of the purported shooter, Stephen Paddock, gives no indication of any competence with auto weapons, gives no indication he could have dealt with the problems and challenges of using such a weapon—and on top of that, his state of mind at the time, as an non-professional, would have been unstable, to say the least.

Any reasonable law-enforcement group investigating this mass shooting would certainly keep its options open, regarding other perpetrators. But that is not what is happening here. The books are closed on this case. There is no going back.

The desired result has been achieved. One shooter, mass killings. End of story. Objective achieved.

That rush to judgment and “closure” is also a prime feature of the false flag. It has to be.

True or false … seems to me it is an easy task for Americas FREE-PRESS to determine … so why haven’t they…???

…True or false … seems to me it is an easy task for Americas FREE-PRESS to determine … so why haven’t they…???


Unreported Shootings at Bellagio and Flamingo


All reported

that their lobbies were shot up

last Sunday night. This

indicates that more than one

gunman was involved in the

horrifying events that evening.


My subscriber wrote, "The hotels

were on lockdown and shattered

glass was all over the floors. A

friend of his posted a video of the

Bellagio lobby and people sitting

in corridors because they were

not allowed to leave…this was a

coordinated effort."


She was referring to the cellphone

video above. It was taken from

inside the Las Vegas Bellagio hotel

and livestreamed by René Downs

to Facebook at 1:52AM on Monday,

October 2nd, a couple of hours

after the Las Vegas shooting. Over

1M people had viewed this on

Facebook at the time of this

writing on Wednesday night. René’s

Facebook comment on this video

post is: "This was NOT all done by 1

shooter. Watch til end. News and

LVPD are not reporting this correctly."


In the video, René describes the

Bellagio as being on "lockdown", with

nobody allowed in or out of the hotel,

due to the gunshots in the lobby which

shattered glass, followed by "mass

chaos" and a "stampede" while she

was seated with her husband at a table

in the Petrossian Bar.


In the video, René complains that she

has attempted to report these events

to the police and to news outlets and is

nonplussed as to why her reports are

being ignored. She verifies with a

member of the hotel staff that what

the news is reporting is not correct.


René made a follow-up video (also

viewable at the link below) later

that morning, showing where she was

seated and voicing her disgust about

the lack of honest reporting about the

events of that evening.


Video: (7 mins):


Unreported Shootings at Bellagio and Flamingo