will be interpreted as different as night and day

Las Vegas: Cui Bono? … What is presented in this video will be interpreted as different as night and day by those watching it … as I suspect it is meant to elicit…

…It will be interpreted by some as fear mongering, by some as fake news, by some as false flag, by some as food for thoughtful contemplation… Your choice…

…It does not follow the “yellow-brick-road-currently –laid-down-by-our-corporate-owned-FREE PRESS”…

…Get ready to be challenged..

…Remember in the final analysis … you’re  solely at choice as to its validity….


More people from the service industry in Las Vegas have contacted me to tell me that there were multiple shooters and multiple hotel lobbies that were shot up last Sunday night.

I believe it possible that the truth of the Las Vegas false flag operation might actually resist the complete obfuscation by the Mainstream Media seen in previous similar events, due to the ubiquity of cell phones and social media.

The Las Vegas Shooting will be a test of the MSM’s ability to wage psychological warfare, let alone to stay relevant in an environment where the systems used to track the public are now being used by the public to track the system.


However, I was contacted by a retired military intelligence veteran who advised me to lay off writing about these Las Vegas eyewitness accounts, for my own safety.


So for now, I’ll simply ask who benefits from the organized horror that was perpetrated in Las Vegas?

Those who envision the TSA as a growth industry benefit. Those who want to put Rapiscan machines in hotels, grocery stores and everywhere else one could imagine – they benefit.

Video: (16 mins):    …Las Vegas: Cui Bono?

‘Soft Target’: How Should Las Vegas Address Its Serious Safety Concerns?

After the attack on Sunday night, decision-makers on the Strip will need to consider what new policies they must implement to keep visitors safe.

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