WE still elected him our President … so what does that say

…Trump is acting precisely as he always has … independent … clumsy … racist … woman harasser … ego-driven … combative … boisterous … outspoken … quick-temper … untruthful … uncaring … WE had this knowledge before November 2017 and WE still elected him our President … so what does that say about us…???

…8 Deranged Moments from Trump’s Latest Interview That Confirm He’s the Monster We Thought He Was …He’s not just incompetent. He’s an all-around terrible person

By Kali Holloway / AlterNet,,,October 10, 2017, 7:25 AM GMT…Donald Trump sat down with Forbesmagazine this week, and as with all of his interviews, it’s a real doozy. Perhaps the only expectation Trump has ever exceeded is that he’d be the worst president in modern history, and each of these remarks reminds us why. The man is wrong on stats, wrong on facts, incompetent at his job, and just an all-around terrible person.

Here are eight of his more deranged moments, affirming the shallow, petty and ignoble motivations that guide his presidency.

1. He challenges his secretary of state to an IQ test.

2. He brought his gauche gold obsession to the White House.

3. He’s still lying about his legislative success as a president.

4. He displays a general difficulty with words.

5. He lies about the United States’ GDP in another failed attempt to diminish President Obama.

6. He lies about praise for his hurricane response efforts, which were abysmal.

7. He continues to try to make Obamacare a problem.

8. Trump admits he couldn’t really care less about keeping the country running smoothly.

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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