How do we instruct, teach, mold, tutor, communicate, instill in our self and others, that thorough analysis, of all aspects of any situation is required, before

image…How do we instruct, teach, mold, tutor, communicate, instill in our self and others, that thorough analysis, of all aspects of any situation is required, before we determine a course of action, path to follow, or a conclusion derived…???

The dramatic shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday- l October 2017 – galvanizes our addiction to instantaneous chaotic reporting and quick conclusions achieved.

Before any victim’s blood dried, assessment made, this is the action of a lone-wolf shooter, not of a terrorist.   Apparently in America, to be labeled a terrorist action, the suspected perpetrator, must be of “color,” and preferably Muslin…and the Las Vegas shooter is, unfortunately, “white.”

The sheer number killed, coupled with the number injured combine to motivate every reporting agency worldwide to focus on Las Vegas, throwing into action an army of reputedly-qualified-reporters of all persuasions and abilities.

In an era where one’s cell phone connected to the internet, instantly makes them a reporter, a barrage of conflicting images and accounts “raw” were released, though quickly massaged by internet “power-brokers”…channeled into the lone-wolf unstable white shooter story line instantly agreed upon.

Without thorough assessment of the shooter, his previous action, the manner in which he set up the shooting environment, the number of guns and ammo in his hotel room, the length of time required for “legitimate” law enforcement to “storm” the room, only to reputedly find him dead a self-inflicted gun shot … case closed … only motive missing…???

Reports of shootings in the lobbies of the Bellagio and Flamingo, about the same time as the “killing-spree,” go unquestioned, even to this date.

That others raise the issue this “event” being a “false-flag” are summarily dismissed, never acknowledging the remote possibility it just might be true.

Recall, if you dare, that Americans never wanted to believe that the bombing of Perl Harbor was a “false-flag,” either.


On Friday, November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m., in Dallas, Texas, a killing occurred, which like this Las Vegas shouting was quickly and summarily assessed, judgment determined and concluded … only the putrid-cover-up-smell never died in the heart mind of most Americans alive at that time…

Like the JFK assignation this Las Vegas shouting possesses that same rotten “cover-up” smell, permeating everyone and everything associated with it…

Only time will clarify, if, like the events of 9-11, there are factors present, in the Las Vegas shooting, which our government does not choose us to know about.

With amazing efficiency the Las Vegas shooting was “re-solved” and within hours, judgment carried out, evidence in plain sight and easily ascertained, and the perpetrator dead, reputedly by his own hand.

Heavy hitters, NRA, Congress, Trump, corporate news want this Las Vegas shooting off and out of front page news-cycle… get is buried deep inside, make it go away… its purpose served, Americans are again fearful just where the “puppeteers” want us to be.


OK, call me a skeptic…but I ain’t buying…too many loose ends… too many “high-end-players” in the shadow.

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