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Robert Reich Says Republicans

Are Ready To Pull The Plug



By ursulafaw  ….Saturday Oct 14, 2017 · 4:35 PM PDT……Robert Reich has a theory that Trump is unstable, unravelling and the Republican party is ready to pull the plug. Reich spoke with an unnamed Republican colleague the other day and took notes. This is the portion of the conversation dealing with Trump’s fitness to serve. RawStory:

they don’t tell us that their products contain chemicals that may increase the risk of the disease—or even interfere with treatment … … Ever wonder why not …. try profit$$$ are decreed to be America’s Hilliest Grail…

But they don’t tell us that their products contain chemicals that may increase the risk of the disease—or even interfere with treatment …

… Ever wonder why not …. try profit$$$ are decreed to be America’s Hilliest Grail…

The Corporate Takeover of the Fight Against Breast Cancer Started 25 Years Ago Today    This October marks 25 years since the multibillion-dollar cosmetics corporation The Estée Lauder Companies helped launch the pink ribbon.

By Karuna Jaggar / AlterNet……October 15, 2017, 4:44 PM GMT…..Breast cancer is the darling of corporate America, with pink ribbons adorning everything from handbags to handguns. Corporations put a pink ribbon on their products to boost sales and build their brand. And it works—sales go up and profits increase. Unfortunately, despite 25 years of pink ribbon marketing, breast cancer diagnoses have not gone down.

It’s one reason the national education and activist organization that I lead, Breast Cancer Action, has long called October “Breast Cancer Industry Month.” October was designated Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) more than 30 years ago—by the corporation now known as AstraZeneca, in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Three decades later, corporations in virtually every industry participate in breast cancer promotions. It’s no surprise that Pharma and biotech companies that produce treatments get involved. But corporations that manufacture products that increase the risk of breast cancer also join up with multimillion-dollar cancer charities to “raise awareness” during BCAM. This coordination produces a neat profit cycle for all involved, by keeping the spotlight on awareness and early detection while ignoring primary prevention.

The pink ribbon isn’t just a symbol of breast cancer awareness; it’s a symbol of the breast cancer industry. This October marks 25 years since the multibillion-dollar cosmetics corporation The Estée Lauder Companies helped launch the pink ribbon and with it the global marketing bonanza.

The now pink ribbon was, from the very beginning, a corporate take-over of what began as a peach-colored ribbon focused on prevention. Charlotte Haley developed the first breast cancer ribbon to promote political action and bring resources and attention to breast cancer prevention. When Estée Lauder and Self magazine approached Haley in 1992 to partner, Haley declined, saying they were “too corporate.” Not to be deterred, Estée Lauder and Self “rebranded” the ribbon at their lawyers’ advice. And when they changed the color of the ribbon, they also changed the focus from prevention to their own corporate profit.

Nothing reveals the profit motive behind the corporate pink ribbon more clearly than the practice of pinkwashing: when companies claim to care about breast cancer by promoting their pink ribbon products, but at the same time produce, manufacture or sell products that may increase the risk of the disease. When Estée Lauder slapped the first pink ribbons on their products they not only launched the breast cancer industry, they became the original pinkwasher. Estée Lauder tells us to buy their products because they care about breast cancer. But they don’t tell us that their products contain chemicals that may increase the risk of the disease—or even interfere with treatments.

A number of chemicals have been associated with increased breast cancer risk. Hormones play a critical role in the development and treatment of breast cancer. And a large body of research implicates commonly-used hormone disruptors in increasing risk of the disease. Some newer research suggests that these same chemicals might also interfere with the most common breast cancer treatments.

Cosmetics and personal care products are one of the least regulated industries in the U.S. Which means that Estée Lauder can comply with the law, and still their products may expose users to chemicals that are suspected to increase the risk of breast cancer. Indeed, Estée Lauder is choosing to celebrate 25 years of pink ribbon marketing by encouraging women to buy their “Advanced Night Repair” serum—which comes with a collectable Pink Ribbon Keychain—but contains the hormone disruptor ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, more commonly known as octinoxate. Octinoxate is absorbed through the skin and mimics estrogen. The health group Silent Spring advises the public to avoid products that contain oxtinoxate.

Octinoxate is not the only chemical of concern in Estée Lauder’s products. In fact this year, nearly every product sold under Estée Lauder’s Breast Cancer Campaign lists “fragrance” as an ingredient. Anything that is labeled “fragrance” is protected as trade secret, which means that companies are not required to disclose the specific chemicals used. Numerous studies have shown that fragrance often includes hormone disruptors and carcinogens, as well as sensitizers that can trigger uncomfortable side effects for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Without this basic transparency, there is no way to know all of the chemicals in Estée Lauder’s products that may increase the risk of breast cancer or interfere with treatments.

In addition to cleaning up their cosmetics, to protect consumers from chemicals of concern, Estée Lauder should join companies like Johnson & Johnson that have committed to removing 1,4-dixoane, a mammary carcinogen, from their production processes. Actions that might bring them a step closer to their self-proclaimed goal to “create a breast cancer-free world.”

It takes more than a pink ribbon to show a company really cares about women living with and at risk of breast cancer. Instead of taking steps to clean up their products and manufacturing process as part of their work to “create a breast cancer-free world,” Estée Lauder is congratulating themselves on distributing more than 150 million pink ribbons at their beauty counters and illuminating more than 1,000 landmarks around the world pink “to raise awareness.” They even hold the Guinness World Record for “Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 Hours.” But in our book, the only record they hold is longest running empty awareness campaign.

As Estée Lauder promotes 25 years of pink ribbon marketing, we are calling on them to stop the betrayal and stop pinkwashing. Hypocritical marketing and publicity stunts in the name of awareness get in the way of the true work needed to address and end the epidemic.

More than a quarter of million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each and every year. More than 40,000 women still die from the disease annually. And despite widespread mammography screening, estimates are between 20–30 percent of patients diagnosed with breast cancer—even at an early-stage—will eventually develop metastatic disease, which is when the cancer spreads to other organs. And women of color and underserved communities fare worse and bear a disproportionate burden of the disease. By pretending that distributing pink ribbons and illuminating buildings is meaningful action, Estée Lauder is trying to keep the focus off of the ingredients in their products that may contribute to increased risk of breast cancer and interfere with breast cancer treatments.

Women at risk and living with breast cancer deserve better.

Join us in telling Estée Lauder why this is Knot Our Pink Ribbonsend your letter to Estée Lauder now.

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OBAMACARE & TRUST… that is something that Trump cannot permit

image…OBAMACARE  &  TRUST… that is something that Trump cannot permit…

OBAMACARE STRENGTHENED AMERICANS’ WILLINGNESS TO TRUST ONE ANOTHER …. New research finds a link between implementation of the Affordable Care Act and generalized trust.


TOM JACOBS …OCT 13, 2017 …As President Donald Trump tries once again to dismantle Obamacare, new research suggests that program has done more than dramatically increase the number of Americans with health insurance. It has also raised the level of an intangible but important asset: trust


The research finds that, historically, people who report being in poor health are less trusting of others. However, that link was significantly weakened after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.


"A substantial and steady decline in generalized trust in the U.S. has been reported since the early 1970s," Swedish researchers Jan Mewes and Giusepe Giordano write in the journal Social Science and Medicine. "Results shown here offer support for the hypothesis that providing comprehensive health care could be an important first step in halting (this) decline."


Trust has been described as the glue that holds a society together. People who trust one another work together better, cooperate more, and feel more connected. Thus the waning of Americans’ trust level—which has been linked to rising levels of income inequality—is of great concern.


Surmising that the "quite unique" erosion of generalized trust in the United States could be linked to this country’s relatively weak social safety net, Mewes and Giordano decided to test whether implementation of the ACA shifted this trend.


They analyzed data from two panel studies conducted as part of the General Social Survey. The first featured responses by 1,652 participants who were surveyed several times between 2006 and 2010; the second featured responses from 1,187 who were similarly surveyed several times between 2010 and 2014.


They found that, in the years immediately before Obamacare went into effect, "poor self-rated health had a statistically significant and substantial negative impact on generalized trust." But once the program was in place, this association was significantly reduced.


Interestingly, "this change occurred among the general population, rather than (exclusively) among groups that particularly benefitted from the ACA," the researchers write.


In other words, even for people covered by health insurance, the new law provided reassurance that they wouldn’t be in dire straits if they lost their job. Perhaps that knowledge helped prop up overall trust levels.

"In societies that lack social security in the form of universal health insurance, worsening health, or even fear of worsening health, can undermine people’s optimism and their belief in the future," Mewes, a sociologist at Umea University, said in announcing the findings. "Broadening access to health care really matters, not only in terms of improved health outcomes, but also regarding positively shaping people’s attitudes in general."


While the data "can by no means confirm that the ACA was the sole cause" of this positive trend, they strongly suggest it was a major factor. These results provide yet another reason why changing or dismantling the law must be done with the utmost care.


Steve Bannon just totally contradicted Trump’s claim about canceling Obamacare payments

Bannon says Trump’s executive order will “blow those exchanges up.” Trump said it would only hurt insurers.

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Partisan clash on Obamacare raises specter of government shutdown

Democrats accused President Trump of trying to sabotage the nation’s health-care system through his decision to halt payments to insurers meant to shore up the system, while Republicans countered that he is just pushing for a hard bargain.

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‘I’ve got to stay,’ Pelosi says, to defend Obamacare

"That’s my fight, that’s my mission,” the House minority leader said amid calls for her and other senior Democrats to quit their leadership roles and make way for a new generation.

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BANNON: YES, TRUMP IS TRYING TO DESTROY THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT By cutting off Obamacare payments. And here’s how it’s all taking a toll. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

IN$IDERS always ways to protect their own…

clip_image002IN$IDERS always ways to protect their own

Equifax hacked, awarded million dollar no-bid IRS security contract anyway


… then hacked againEquifax has taken one of its web pages offline as its security team looks into reports of another potential cyber breach, the credit reporting company, which recently disclosed a hack that compromised the sensitive information of 145.5 million people, said on Thursday.“We are aware of the situation identified on the website in the credit report assistance link,” Equifax spokesman Wyatt Jefferies said in an email.“Our IT and security teams are …
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a precursor to our corporate owned Congress allowing all our public owned parks to become priv

…Might this be a precursor to our corporate owned Congress allowing all our public owned parks to become privatized…???

…After all corporate profit$$$$ is America’s holiest grail …

Burdened by Austerity, the National Park Service Breaks the Law

The NPS is legally obligated to better manage its enormous crowds, but it is crippled by budget cuts and maintenance backlogs.

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Trump is NOT accomplishing this solely on his own … he has help …our Congress both Democrats & Republicans…

Trump is NOT accomplishing this solely on his own … he has help …our Congress both Democrats & Republicans

Trump Is Restoring the Darkest Elements of Bush’s War on Terror

By Karen Greenberg, Tom Dispatch

The Trump administration just classified its first American prisoner off the battlefields of Syria as an “enemy combatant.” READ MORE»

prima-facie evidence why the adage … “follow the money” … has stood the test of time… …Evidence one has $$$$ is America’s Holy Grail…

image This is prima-facie evidence why the adage … “follow the money” … has stood the test of time…

…Evidence one has $$$$ is America’s Holy Grail…


The NFL Stood by African American Players–Until Its Money Was ThreatenedFor a while the world’s most lucrative league supported its players in the face of hostility from Donald Trump.

By Les Carpenter / The GuardianOctober 15, 2017, 12:03 PM GMT…Somehow this is where we find ourselves in America in 2017: the president of the United States uses race to drive a wedge between football players and their fans while the world’s most-lucrative sports league caves to his tweets.


NFL players are sacrificing their brains for a league that will make at least $14bn off them this year. Many are shorting their memories, breaking their bodies and forgoing any hope of walking normally past the age of 45. The majority of them do not have guaranteed contracts and while the very best are paid well for the tiny window that is their professional career, they remain among the most exploited of American professional athletes – their sports lives dangling by the sturdiness of their ACLs.

For a time it seemed the NFL would support its players in the face of Donald Trump’s publicity grab. When the president told an Alabama audience last monththat he wanted to see NFL owners fire players who do not stand for the national anthem in protest at racial inequality, the league took a stand against the president’s intolerance. Owners and players kneeled. Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed disappointment in Trump.

Trump’s declaration he wanted to “get that son of a bitch off the field,” was that kind of moment that shocked everyone into a united stand for decency. Since the vast majority of the players who have kneeled for the anthem are African American, Trump was essentially saying: “Get that black son-of-a-bitch off the field” and everyone appeared to agree that Trump had crossed a line.

That is until the money was threatened. ……………The business of being an NFL owner is such a good one that no man or woman who holds a team among their possessions dares do anything to kill their golden goose. A decade ago, the league’s most valuable team – the Dallas Cowboys – was estimated by Forbes to be worth $1.6bn, and a third of the teams had values below $1bn. Today, the least valuable franchise is worth $1.6bn while Dallas’s worth has soared to nearly $5bn.

This is, of course, phony wealth, claimed only on the open market. The figures are buttressed with stadium palaces built on the backs of taxpayers, huge television deals and private marketing agreements sold against the logos of the teams themselves. With the teams’ outlandish values tied to an image the owners do everything to protect, it’s no wonder Dallas’s Jerry Jones said on Sunday he will bench any player who “disrespects the flag” by kneeling during the anthem.

There was good PR in standing against Trump two weeks ago, but the more the president turned his fire on the NFL – and as TV ratings slid – the more those bars wobbled on the value charts. Whether she meant to or not ESPN’s Jemele Hill drilled straight into the NFL’s most-sensitive nerve this week when she tweetedthe best way to get to Jones was through the advertisers.

Hill’s words brought her a two-week suspension from her employer and more direct attention from Trump, whose White House has been pushing for her firing. But the league’s need to keep building its wealth leaves it forever chasing new pots of gold while trying to keep the appearances of opulence to the television networks and advertisers who throw billions its way. This is how teams like the Rams and Chargers actually grow in value despite playing before whole sections of empty seats in their new Los Angeles home. The simple act of moving to the nation’s second-largest market has made them worth more, making the other owners’ teams appear to be more valuable as well.

So when Jones snapped, Hill dared mention the advertisers and Trump tweeted about changing the league’s tax-exempt status, the NFL wanted nothing more to do with their players taking a public stand for social justice. It didn’t matter that Trump’s suggestion the league should lose a tax-exempt status was outdated by two years (the NFL gave that up in 2015). Any threat toward the owners’ sweet public money deals is enough to drop the iron fist upon dissent.

The players’ stand against a raging Trump seemed easy until talk turned to damming the rivers of cash that could help the owners fetch billions for their teams should they wish to sell. Suddenly Trump turned the defeat of a league united against him into a deft political win. Through this he has aimed his most vicious tweets at two African Americans: Hill and former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started the anthem protest last year to draw attention to racial inequality. Trump says his anger with the NFL is about respect for the flag and the country but the whole thing is coded in race and after two days of hammering the wedge he has managed to use race to turn the league against the players.

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, surrendered peacefully to Trump on Tuesday when he sent a memo to all the teams saying players should stand for the anthem while adding some soggy language about respecting the players’ desire for social change. He said he was doing this because the controversy over the anthem is “a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues”. But he was really giving into Trump’s fire before things got ugly with the revenue streams.

The quickest way to breaking the NFL is through money and Trump, a man who once bungled the USFL’s certain court victory over the NFL, understands this well. He opened racial wounds, used his vice-president as a puppet by forcing him to leave a tribute to Peyton Manning and drove the country a little farther apart, but he won. He made the NFL crack. None of this has much to do with running a nation and yet policy doesn’t appear to be the point.

He got the leaders of a league that is 70% black to put those black men back in, to use a loathsome term, “their place”. The opportunity for the great national conversation about race – which was the whole point of Kaepernick’s protest – is fading. Trump can declare a win. In getting Goodell to bring his players to their feet he brought the NFL to their knees.

And no one is better for it.

COLIN KAEPERNICK FILES COLLUSION GRIEVANCE AGAINST NFL OWNERS “If the NFL … is to remain a meritocracy, then principled and peaceful protest — which the owners themselves made great theater imitating weeks ago — should not be punished and athletes should not be denied employment based on partisan political provocation by the Executive Branch of our government,” his lawyer said in a statement. And several NFL players continued the protest over the weekend. [HuffPost]