Cockroaches have more empathy than Trump

image Cockroaches have more empathy than Trump…

·       Trump Sinks to New Low in Call to Grieving Widow of Fallen Soldier

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet    A lawmaker recounted the horrifying story on national television. READ MORE»

·       TRUMP TELLS PREGNANT WIDOW OF FALLEN SOLDIER: HE KNEW WHAT HE SIGNED UP FOR Trump reportedly told the pregnant widow of a soldier killed in Niger that he "must’ve known what he signed up for," according to Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson. The hashtag #HeKnewWhatHeSignedUpFor began to trend on Twitter, as many slammed the president for his insensitive phrasing. Trump also politicized the Afghanistan death of his Chief of Staff John Kelly’s son, asking if President Barack Obama had called Kelly after his son was killed by a land mine. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

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