Who creates your reality…???

clip_image002Who creates your reality…???

And no doubt in the blink of an eye, you’ll stridently proclaim …I do… really…???

Did you conjure your reality to live in a country whose President is an admitted abuser of women, for whom truth is solely as he in that moment determines, who is genuinely incapable of empathy, who enjoys dividing people according to color, language, physical attributes, wealth, religious beliefs, then setting them in opposition against each other…???

If this the realty you desire, then welcome to Trump America…and his idea of making America great again…


If your reality is something different then there’s work to be done to achieve that reality … and it time WE get off our butts and endeavor to achieve this different realty…

Americans have become consciously lazy allowing other to determine a reality which does not serve them, but, generously serves those, whose reality is designed to thwart yours…

Does this really make any sense…???

Then why in HELL do we permit it to continue…???

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