SAFE is defined by committee and guess what … You and I are not on that committee nor do we have an authentic voice in any discussion

…We truly need to comprehend that term “reclaimed wastewater” is subject to a host of definitions … know this … in metro Phoenix we have to one degree or another been drinking reclaimed wastewater for decades and especially since receiving CAP water…

…Coloraod River water receives wastewater residue from many locales it passes and especially form Las Vegas … so what’s new…???

…How about America does not have … Arizona does NOT possess the technology to REMOVE all harmful chemicals and related ingredients in even our most technologically sophisticated wastewater treatment facilities to render them SAFE…

…SAFE is defined by committee and guess what … You and I are not on that committee nor do we have an authentic voice in any discussion.


Reclaimed wastewater could soon be coming to Valley households



Lexi Sutter  …9:06 PM, Oct 23, 2017 …8:37 AM, Oct 24, 2017  ..Reclaimed water could soon be reaching your kitchen sink. Reclaimed water, or wastewater, has been used in Arizona for agriculture and irrigation, but never for human consumption. Earlier this month, the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council approved new regulations that will allow approved facilities to purify reclaimed water for drinking water.

Trevor Baggiore, the Water Quality Division Manager for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, said there is no need for people to worry.   "State of the Art technology can take any type of water and purify it to any standard," Baggiore explained.

That technology will be up to cities to purchase and implement. No one in Arizona has it yet.  When a city is ready, it will have to apply and get approval from ADEQ. The reclaimed water will have to meet national and state standards before it ever makes it to consumers.

Baggiore said the dry, desert environment is the major reason for taking this step. The new regulations go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018,  but Baggiore does not think cities will be prepared to process reclaimed water for at least a year.

My concern is at least In America this benefit will be controlled by for-profit-interests and therefore limited solely to those who can and will pay$$$$$

…While I do not complete grasp totally this science … Energetically I acknowledge how valuable this can be for ALL humans on planet Earth…

…My concern is at least In America this benefit will be controlled by for-profit-interests and therefore limited solely to those who can and will pay$$$$$

New algorithm could let us reprogram any cell into any other cell type


Skipping the pluripotent stem cells! …One of the most defining scientific discoveries in recent decades is the development of induced pluripotent stem cells, which lets scientists revert adult cells back into an embryonic-like blank stateand then manipulating them to become a particular kind of tissue.

But now a new model could do away with this time-consuming process, taking out the middle step and directly programming cells to become whatever we want them to be.

"Cells in our body always self-specialise," explains bioinformatics researcher Indika Rajapakse from the University of Michigan.

"What we propose could provide a shortcut to doing the same, to help any cell become a targeted cell type."

The roots of the new framework go back further than the discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells in 20066, to when researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in 1989 figured out how to turn adult skin cells into muscle cells.

They did this by exposing the cells to a protein called transcription factor (TF), which help regulate gene expression in cells, determining things like the kind of cells they become, plus cell division, growth, and death.

In the 1989 research, the team worked with a TF molecule called MyoD, and the team who discovered the technique to induce pluripotent stem cells did so by manipulating cells with TFs called POU5F1, SOX2, KLF4, and MYC.

Now, Rajapakse and fellow researchers have taken that research on TFs and combined it with newer insights into DNA and genome structures, to develop a mathematical algorithm that they say successfully predicts the factors known to reprogram cells.

In other words, rather than using just one or a few TFs to manipulate cells towards differentiation, their model draws upon 3D representations of the genome (called Hi-C data) to map out the correct timing and sequence for injecting TFs to produce the specific kinds of cells wanted.

"We have so much data now from RNA and transcription factor activity, and from Hi-C data of chromosome configuration that tells us how often two pieces of chromatin are near one another, that we believe we can go from the cell’s initial configuration to the desired configuration," says Rajapakse.

It’s an incredibly exciting framework that could not only hypothetically help us produce all kinds of needed tissues – but it might also help us turn the tables on diseases like cancer and genetic disorders by helping us to reprogram the very cells that make tissue malignant or dangerous into something benign and safe.

At this point, the work is largely theoretical and hasn’t been utilised in the lab, but Rajapakse and his team are now looking to do just that, and at the same time are publishing their research so that other scientists will also be able to make use of the algorithm – whether to fight cancer, or to push the model into other fields.

"This work also has important implications for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, since it provides a blueprint for generating any desired cell type," explains one of the team, stem cell biologist Max Wicha.

"It also demonstrates the beauty of combining mathematics and biology to unravel the mysteries of nature."

The findings are reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

his action clearly demonstrate that unless all those choosing to serve as our elected officials … have the “b

clip_image001…Whether Mr. Flake intended it or not his action clearly demonstrate that unless all those choosing to serve as our elected officials … have the “balls” … and are unquestioningly willing to fall on their sword and stay the course they will be eaten alive … the atmosphere in DC is increasingly toxic…


As Senator Flake Goes Down in Flames, White Nationalism Is Infecting Major Segments of the Body Politic

Steve Bannon and the white nationalism virus are a threat to our democracy.

By Adele M. Stan / The American ProspectOctober 25, 2017, 10:49 AM GMT…     For progressives and liberals, it is tempting to eye the current discord and disarray in the Republican Party with a sense of amusement, if not outright glee. But the current trend of divisive loyalty tests for national political candidates poses a grave danger to the nation, especially when imposed by an ally of an authoritarian administration that regularly demonstrates contempt for the institutions and norms of representative democracy.


Senator Jeff Flake was never much for Donald Trump. Flake, a libertarian, didn’t support Trump’s presidential bid, and has been a constant critic of the president since from the administration’s outset, even writing a book about how Trump is destroying conservatism (a phenomenon we noted during the primary campaign). Steve Bannon, the propagandist and former White House strategist turned kingmaker, promised to back a primary challenger to Flake, the U.S. senator from Arizona who would have been up for re-election next year.


Yesterday, Flake folded, announcing, in a speech on the Senate floor, that he would not seek another term because he would not be complicit in the “casual undermining of our democratic ideals” as executed by President Trump.

If Flake uses the platform he still possesses for the next 14 months to gather other Republicans to challenge the legitimacy of the Trump presidency, that would be a good thing. But the danger inherent in the means by which Flake was pushed out of his seat poses nearly as great a threat to the republic as the Trump presidency itself, and possibly one with a much longer life.

What do you NOT understand … Bush 1 and all the Bush family males feel they are entitled … apart from … different … chosen to be indulged

image…What do you NOT understand … Bush 1 and all the Bush family males feel they are entitled …  apart from  … different  … chosen to be indulged…



The 41st president attempted to frame a groping allegation as a lighthearted misunderstanding exacerbated by the stodgy humor of an aging man.



Apologizing is not a Herculean task. It requires admitting fault for the incident, acknowledging that your actions have harmed others, and affirming your commitment to doing better in the future.

It’s a lesson few public figures seem to have internalized.    Wednesday morning, the actress Heather Lind posted a message on Instagram that described an encounter with former President George H.W. Bush. Four years ago, Lind wrote, Bush groped her—twice—and told her dirty jokes while posing for a photo opportunity in promotion of a historical television show she was working on. His wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush, "rolled her eyes as if to say ‘not again.’"

Bush didn’t deny the contents of Lind’s message, which has since been deleted; instead, his spokesman issued a brief response Wednesday morning that brushed the allegations off as an "attempt at humor."

"President Bush would never—under any circumstance—intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lin," the spokesman told Fox News.

Experts aren’t buying the sincerity. Edwin Battistella, a linguist who authored 2014’s Sorry About That: The Language of Public Apology, notes that Bush’s response "omits any reference to the groping allegation."

"His apology is one of those conditional apologies … it’s a type of verbal jiu jitsu where an apologizer attempts to flip reverse the situations so the onus is on the person who was offended," Battistella says. "A serious apology would name and explore the nature of the situation. This is an attempt at image control rather than a serious apology."

The lack of specificity in Bush’s response, as well as his attempt to frame the incident as a lighthearted misunderstanding exacerbated by the stodgy humor of an aging man, is as ubiquitous a cop-out to allegations of assault as the frequency of the allegations themselves.

George H.W. Bush apologizes after television actress accuses him of sexual assault

This is a “trick-question” right…???

clip_image001…This is a “trick-question” right…???   Everyone except Trump is aware of climate change and the fact the Colorado River was over allotted from the get-go…So, what conclusion would you logically draw…???

Predicting the future

Water managers seek certainty in Colorado Basin



Although the drought that has gripped much of the Colorado River Basin for the past 16 years has eased up a bit, population growth and the long dry spell have pushed the river’s supplies to the limit, with every drop of water in the system now accounted for. Meanwhile, the effects of climate change on the Colorado’s future flows are still a big question mark. It’s familiar turf that water managers gathered for the Colorado River District’s September seminar know all too well.

Likely we want to blame this solely on TRUMP … BUT …come on what did

…Likely we want to blame this solely on TRUMP … BUT …come on what did Obama do, or “W” Bush, or Clinton do when they ware our leader … not a damn thing…  On our watch we have allowed America’s infrastructure to deteriorate to the point it’s scary…

Entrance Fees for America’s Favorite National Parks Could Double

Amid budget cuts from the Trump administration, the Department of the Interior wants to up entrance fees and use the revenue to repair aging infrastructure.

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treated as chattel instead of acknowledging WE are the sovereign

…It would behoove us to closely study the first amendment to our constitution as there is no time allocated to our speech … We consent to live in an era where we are treated as chattel instead of acknowledging WE are the sovereign and all public personnel work for us … we do not work for them…

Los Angeles Police Are Arresting People For Speaking 20 Seconds Over Their Allotted Time at City Meetings

By Emily C. Bell, AlterNet

The ACLU is fighting an ordinance that would make it easier for the city to shut down criticism.  READ MORE»