his action clearly demonstrate that unless all those choosing to serve as our elected officials … have the “b

clip_image001…Whether Mr. Flake intended it or not his action clearly demonstrate that unless all those choosing to serve as our elected officials … have the “balls” … and are unquestioningly willing to fall on their sword and stay the course they will be eaten alive … the atmosphere in DC is increasingly toxic…


As Senator Flake Goes Down in Flames, White Nationalism Is Infecting Major Segments of the Body Politic

Steve Bannon and the white nationalism virus are a threat to our democracy.

By Adele M. Stan / The American ProspectOctober 25, 2017, 10:49 AM GMT…     For progressives and liberals, it is tempting to eye the current discord and disarray in the Republican Party with a sense of amusement, if not outright glee. But the current trend of divisive loyalty tests for national political candidates poses a grave danger to the nation, especially when imposed by an ally of an authoritarian administration that regularly demonstrates contempt for the institutions and norms of representative democracy.


Senator Jeff Flake was never much for Donald Trump. Flake, a libertarian, didn’t support Trump’s presidential bid, and has been a constant critic of the president since from the administration’s outset, even writing a book about how Trump is destroying conservatism (a phenomenon we noted during the primary campaign). Steve Bannon, the propagandist and former White House strategist turned kingmaker, promised to back a primary challenger to Flake, the U.S. senator from Arizona who would have been up for re-election next year.


Yesterday, Flake folded, announcing, in a speech on the Senate floor, that he would not seek another term because he would not be complicit in the “casual undermining of our democratic ideals” as executed by President Trump.

If Flake uses the platform he still possesses for the next 14 months to gather other Republicans to challenge the legitimacy of the Trump presidency, that would be a good thing. But the danger inherent in the means by which Flake was pushed out of his seat poses nearly as great a threat to the republic as the Trump presidency itself, and possibly one with a much longer life.

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