Understand this … “water rights” will be meaningless when metro Phoenix needs more water and you have it…???

…Understand this … “water rights” will be meaningless when metro Phoenix needs more water and you have it…???


Central Arizona Project seeks transfer of Mohave Valley water rights

·       DK McDONALD, The Daily News

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MOHAVE VALLEY — Lois Wakimoto, Mohave County District 5 supervisor, wants to stop the operator of the Central Arizona Project aqueduct system from transferring the water rights from farms in Mohave Valley for use in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

“It’s a huge issue,” Wakimoto said. “It’s a water grab. This community has no groundwater; my county is dependent on this water for growth and continued development.”

CAP’s governing board, the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, has approved the purchase of seven farms with a total landmass of slightly more than 2,200 acres in Mohave Valley; the seven properties come with about 13,000 acre-feet of water rights within the Mohave Valley Irrigation and Drainage District.

An acre-foot is the amount of water needed to cover 1 acre with a foot of water, about 326,000 gallons. One acre-foot is roughly enough water to support two households for one year. MVIDD is allocated a total of 51,000 acre-feet.

The $34 million purchase has met with opposition from the county as well as from Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City; all recently passed resolutions stating their objection to the acquisition of water rights by CAWCD and any movement of the water outside the district.

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