…Interesting as Apple is only doing precisely what our most famous business school teach … maximize profit$$$$ … NO where do we teach corporate to pay your fair share to support America and Americans…

…Interesting as Apple is only doing precisely what our most famous business school teach … maximize profit$$$$ … NO where do we teach corporate to pay your fair share to support America and Americans…


When Apple’s tax haven was threatened, leaked documents show it found a new island to stash its billions, untouched by the U.S.

Monday, November 6, 2017 1:30 PM EST


“We don’t stash money on some Caribbean island,” said Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, at a 2013 Senate hearing.

But leaked documents reveal that the tech giant has found a tax haven on Jersey, an island in the English Channel that has strong links to the British banking system but is not subject to most European Union legislation.

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Because he is WHITE … and has Bibles

…Because he is WHITE … and has Bibles … Nothing more need be said…

Walmart shooter reportedly lived with stack of Bibles, no furniture. Why isn’t he a terrorist?


By Walter Einenkel  …….2017/11/03 · 14:22………Suspected domestic terrorist Scott Ostrem seems to have been missed by our current white supremacist in chief while he tweets about radical Islamic terrorism. Ostrem was arrested Thursday as the main suspect in three murders at a Colorado Walmart Wednesday night. Ostrem allegedly pulled out a handgun and began shooting people in the checkout line.


Scott Ostrem, 47, was told by Adams County District Judge Ted C. Tow III that the anticipated charges carry a sentence of life in prison without parole or the death penalty. Ostrem barely spoke during the hearing, responding only "yes when asked if he understood his rights.

After the hearing, District Attorney Dave Young declined comment on whether his office would seek the death penalty.

The Daily Beast spoke with neighbors of Ostrem and they had this to say about him:

Teresa Muniz says she gets a chill when she realizes her neighbor was on his way to commit America’s next horrific shooting. The “angry guy upstairs” drove to a nearby Walmart where witnesses say he walked in, calmly took out his handgun, and shot and killed three people waiting in line to pay. Neighbors described Ostrem as a bizarre, angry man who lived alone in an apartment with a stack of Bibles and virtually no furniture.

Hispanic residents said he was especially mean to them.

“He wouldn’t say nothing to us, but he talked to the only white couple who lives here,” Muniz said. “I don’t understand where that hatred comes from.”

There’s also this from ABC News.

Killed were Pamela Marques, 52, of Denver; Carlos Moreno, 66, of Thornton; and Victor Vasquez, 26, of Denver.

None were Walmart employees, and all were Hispanic.

Ostrem is white. Police have offered no possible motive for the shooting other than to say there was nothing to suggest it was related to terrorism. Young declined comment Friday about a motive.

If yelling “Allahu Akbar” means that you have become “radicalized” into becoming a religiously driven terrorist, maybe having four too many Bibles in your house and only attacking people of color might mean you’ve become a white supremacist Christian terrorist? But meanwhile, the media continues to wonder out loud about what this man’s possible motivation could be, with references to his failed attempts at creating a small business and declaring bankruptcy in 2015. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump has yet to weigh in on his traditional speculations about everything. I’m sure he will just call for the closure of all Christian churches seeing how so many white Christians keep killing Americans


Trump blames Texas mass shooting on mental illness. With 26 dead, it ‘isn’t a guns situation’

STORYNOV 06, 2017

Texas Church Massacre Suspect Bought Gun After Air Force Jailed & Discharged Him for Assaulting Wife & Child


He championed protesting … then … just not protesting him

clip_image002…Time to re-visit Trump’s remarks to America advocating us to vote for him…

…He championed protesting  … then … just not protesting him…


Classic … do as I say, not as I do

…Classic … do as I say, not as I do …

Trump, who urged people to ‘hire American,’ secures 70 foreign workers for Mar-a-Lago


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…TRUMP & MENTAL HEALTH … now there’s a classic oxymoron…

…TRUMP & MENTAL HEALTH … now there’s a classic oxymoron…

Trump says Texas shooting is a problem of mental health, not guns

Trump also praised the presence of guns among local residents, which he said prevented the situation from being worse.

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Be damn careful what you wish for … Pence, really…???

…Be damn careful what you wish for … Pence, really…???

‘Waiting Is a Mistake’ Says Tom Steyer, the Billionaire Pushing Lawmakers to Impeach Trump

By Lauren Gambino, The Guardian

Tom Steyer, a prominent Democratic patron, is running an outspoken ad campaign that’s got the president riled up. READ MORE»

Congress has only itself to blame as

…Congress has only itself to blame as they  voluntarily gave the President sole war powers which according to our constitution should reside with Congress and WE compounded the tragedy by electing bozos who chose to continue to look the other way…

Congressional Cowardice on Wars Has Cost Millions of Lives and the Deadly Wars March On

By Danny Sjursen, Tom Dispatch………War without war powers—the not-so-new American way. ……….READ MORE»