Because It’s Time

…An idea worth pondering…

Democrats Should Commit to an All-Woman Ticket in 2020

For all the right reasons, Bernie, Joe, Cory and the rest should step aside.


By Rick Gell / AlterNet……..November 20, 2017, 11:33 AM ………….The Democratic Party should embrace an all-female ticket and a platform centered around health care, income equality, diplomacy, humility and human rights—right now.

Should the best man win? That is not the right question. Are there women in the Democratic Party who can do a better job than Donald Trump? That’s the right question. 

Gillibrand and Oprah, Warren and Harris, hell, Michelle and Hillary, I don’t give a damn. There are 100 women… scratch that, there are 1,000 women… scratch that, there are a million women who could do a better job than Trump and the Republicans in running this country. Let’s pick two. 

Let’s break the glass ceiling and banish the louts once and for all.

Because It’s Time


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