NO they do not as they can hide and destroy evidence behind closed doors

…NO they do not as they can hide and destroy evidence behind closed doors … they have rules, regulations, ways to hide what they do and do not from you and me and there is currently NO ONE who dares report full disclosure and transparency to us…!!!

Congress Has A Sexual Harassment Problem​

After weeks of stories detailing dozens of sexual harassment incidents on Capitol Hill ― most involving unnamed lawmakers ― two things are clear: Congress has an abuse problem, and Congress is not sufficiently dealing with it.

House lawmakers recently held a hearing on the issue, leading to some female members saying they’re aware of current House colleagues who have sexually harassed staffers. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) told of a member having a female staffer bring work materials to his residence, answering the door in a towel, and then exposing himself.

In response to the flood of these types of stories, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has mandated that members and staffers go through harassment training.

But this online course, which consists of a 22-minute video and quiz that HuffPost watched, hardly addresses the issue. In some cases, the quiz has led staffers to, in the words of one female Hill employee, “second guess” what is sexual harassment.

“It can end up doing more harm than good, making victims feel like what’s happening to them isn’t enough to report,” said this staffer, who shared her own story of feeling pressured to sleep with a more senior aide who once drunkenly walked her home when she was an intern. (She declined.)

The staffer also said she believed the video had the unintended consequence of teaching people how to “walk the line” of sexual harassment ― to hit on fellow staffers while not completely crossing into a legally precarious position.



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