Are you ready for these changes…???

…Are you ready for these changes…???


Medicare. Birth control. Education. What started as an ambitious Republican plan to cut taxes could end up changing the way Americans live.

Thursday, November 30, 2017 8:36 AM EST


The tax plan has been marketed by President Trump and Republican leaders as a straightforward if enormous rebate for the masses, a $1.5 trillion package of cuts to spur hiring and economic growth. But as the bill has been rushed through Congress with scant debate, its far broader ramifications have come into focus, revealing a catchall legislative creation that could reshape major areas of American life, from education to health care.

Some of this re-engineering is straight out of the traditional Republican playbook. Corporate taxes, along with those on wealthy Americans, would be slashed on the presumption that when people in penthouses get relief, the benefits flow down to basement tenements.

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