The SMARTEST action is to totally ignore anything the Koch Bro$ say…

…The SMARTEST action is to totally ignore anything the Koch Bro$ say…

Koch-Funded Anti-Climate Group Tells Women to Ignore Concerns About Toxic Chemicals

By Stacy Malkan, AlterNet……….A chemical industry front group defends the freedom of corporations to pollute. ………………READ MORE»

There’s a Shocking Lack of Rigorous Testing and Regulation of Chemicals in the United States

By Dr. Michelle Perro, Dr. Vincanne Adams, Chelsea Green Publishing

The EPA, FDA and USDA have not been exercising adequate oversight to protect Americans’ health. READ MORE»

NIH officially lifts ban on research studying germs with pandemic potential

Pandemic PotentialThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) has lifted a three-year freeze in federal funding for research projects pertaining to germs that can cause pandemics. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a new framework dictating how research that could create newer and deadlier germs with pandemic potential is funded.“We have a responsibility to ensure that research with infectious agents is conducted responsibly, and that we consider the potential biosafety and ……….Read full article at website »


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