.It will ONLY be worse if we continue to allow = greed = to be America’s buzzword…

…It will ONLY be worse if we continue to allow = greed = to be America’s buzzword…

The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Worse Than the Last One

By Nomi Prins, Truthdig…..The system remains fundamentally unreformed, banks remain too big to fail………… READ MORE»


You honestly believe the 1% controlling America on all levels … education … medical … pharmaceutical … political … business … banking … want an electorate with an accurate memory of the debacle their policies have provided us…???

…You honestly believe the 1% controlling America on all levels … education … medical … pharmaceutical  … political … business … banking … want an electorate with an accurate memory of the debacle their policies have provided us…???

Ancient technique can dramatically improve memory, research suggests

Cultivating a ‘memory palace’ can make long-lasting improvements to recall, say scientists, suggesting many of us have untapped memory reserves

A memory technique invented by the ancient Greeks can make dramatic and long-lasting improvements to a person’s power of recall, according to research that suggests many of us have extensive untapped memory reserves.

After spending six weeks cultivating an internal “memory palace”, people more than doubled the number of words they could retain in a short time period and their performance remained impressive four months later. The technique, which involves conjuring up vivid images of objects in a familiar setting, is credited to the Greek poet Simonides of Ceos, and is a favoured method among so-called memory athletes.

The study also revealed that after just 40 days of training, people’s brain activity shifted to more closely resemble that seen in some of the world’s highest ranked memory champions, suggesting that memory training can alter the brain’s wiring in subtle but powerful ways.

Nils Müller, a neuroscientist at Radboud University and a co-author, said: “One of the initial questions was whether memory athletes have very differently wired brains. Do they have an innate gift that just can’t be taught?”

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, was no. Prodigious feats of memory such as recalling hundreds of binary digits or a Sherlock-like ability to put a name to a face are likely to be mostly down to hours of training and using the right mnemonic techniques, the scientists concluded.

The study, published in the journal Neuron, recruited 23 of the 50 top-scoring memory athletes in an annual contest called the World Memory Championships. The athletes were given 20 minutes to recall a list of 72 random nouns and they scored, on average, nearly 71 of the 72 words.

By contrast, an untrained control group recalled an average of 26 words. This group then followed a daily 30-minute training regime where they practiced walking through a chosen familiar environment, such as their own home, and placing objects in specific locations.

Simonides was supposedly inspired to develop the “loci” technique after a gruesome tragedy in which a banqueting hall collapsed just after the poet had left the building. Some of his fellow diners were crushed beyond recognition, meaning they could only be identified based on the table plan.

Boris Konrad, a neuroscientist at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich who co-authored the study, said: “You really walk through a place and then later you visualise the location to place an object there. You’re not just wandering around in your crazy mental palace.”

It also helps for the image to be vivid, bizarre and firmly placed in the location. In the book Moonwalking with Einstein, the memory expert Ed Cooke suggests remembering an item on a shopping list by imagining “Claudia Schiffer swimming in [a] tub of cottage cheese.”

Konrad, who also happens to be ranked 24th in the World MemoryChampionships, said the strategy is effective because it maps boring information onto something that the brain has evolved to do extremely well – recall imagery in specific locations.

“You take material that is really hard to remember and transform it into something accessible,” he said. “It does not make your memory capacity bigger; you use a different form of memory that already has a large capacity.”

After 40 days of 30-minute training sessions, the participants who had average memory skills at the start more than doubled their memory capacity, recalling 62 words on average – and four months later, without continued training, they could remember 48 words from a list of 72.

Martin Dresler, also a neuroscientist at Radboud University and the first author, said: “Once you are familiar with these strategies and know how to apply them, you can keep your performance high without much further training.”

The scientists also studied the brains of their participants and, while there were no telltale signs of memory prowess based on anatomy, subtle differences were seen in the background brain activity of the memory athletes and ordinary subjects when they were asked to simply relax and let their minds wander. This kind of “resting state” scan is designed to give a measure of the brain’s connectivity – essentially a measure of how tightly disparate clusters of neurons are wired together.

After training, the background hum of brain activity in the ordinary participants had shifted to more closely match that seen in the champions – and the closer the resemblance, the better the person’s performance was likely to be.

“After training we see massively increased performance on memory tests,” said Dresler. “Not only can you induce a behavioural change, the training also induces similar brain connectivity patterns to those seen in memory athletes.”

“I would speculate that it reflects activity-dependent rewiring,” said Müller.

Konrad believes that “not everyone can become a champion” – even within the trained group some people fared far better than others. “But everyone using the technique can improve quite substantially from the level they’re at,” he added

As the human body mimics a battery it would indeed be wise for us to contemplate how mankind is effected by all the various forms of electromagnetic waves we encounter 24/7

…As the human body mimics a battery it would indeed be wise for us to contemplate how mankind is effected by all the various forms of electromagnetic waves we encounter 24/7…

Electromagnetic pollution: why aren’t consumers made aware of it?

Pollution!  It’s a trendy but gloomy word designating something most people try to avoid contributing to, but not many folks realize what causes it and how it affects them.

Humans and technology are the primary contributors to ALL pollution, either inadvertently or deliberately.  Manufacturing processes; obtaining raw materials and resources (mining and forest destruction, etc.); and technological ‘advances’ – more often than not – are the major contributors along with vehicular exhausts and ever-increasing road traffic.

Man-made pollution and its devastating ecological and adverse health effects have been referred to as “anthropogenic activity,” meaning changes made in Nature made by people.  Here are some of the more commonly known pollution problems:

Agricultural; Air; Chemical; Hazardous Waste; Light; Noise; Radioactive; Soil; Thermal and Water

However, the above pollution listing is not complete!  Missing are:

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs); Microwave Radiofrequencies (RFs); Non-thermal Radiation; and Solar Radiation Management (SRM), aka “chemtrails” or weather geoengineering

Only one—SRM—of the above four pollution sources is visible to humans, if only we will look up from our cell or iPhones to see what’s happening in the skies above our heads.

The other three are invisible to the naked human eye, but not to human physiology and other living organisms, including plant life!

Let me ask, Can you see the wind?  No!  What you actually see are the effects of wind blowing, in most cases, i.e., trash, leaves, etc. being displaced and scattered, but you really cannot see the wind per se.  You can feel it, though!  You can see a tornado cloud formed by the wind, but wind per se is not visible to the naked eye.

That is the analogy I like to use to explain Electromagnetic frequencies, Radiofrequencies, and Non-thermal radiation, which the microwave industry and its premiere professional association ICNIRP pontificate does NOT exist!  However, ICNIPR acknowledges Thermal effects!

Even though the human eye cannot see electromagnetic frequencies in most cases, they certainly exist; can be ‘seen’ using certain monitoring equipment specifically built to measure them [1-2]—so they are proven to be there!   However and though unseen, their presence in the atmosphere is real, all-pervading and contribute to the sea of electromagnetic frequencies we constantly are being bombarded with – or, as some would say, mildly ‘electrocuted’ by!

The current obsession with cell phones, iPhones, Smart phones and other microwave-propelled technologies, e.g., Wi-Fi, AMI Smart Meters, Routers, LAN networks, etc., create pollution few are aware of but all are affected by adversely.

Please refer to my article Cell Phone And Microwave Information Consumers REALLY Ought To Know to understand what’s involved with cell phone activity and how it affects your body.

Each time anyone uses a cell phone, or any tech product which uses microwaves to operate, electromagnetic frequency pollution (RF) is created that contributes to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) [3] health issues, which become cumulative in the body until you cannot think and function properly.

According to statistics, 3.2% of Californians; 9% of Germans; and 5% of the Swiss population complained of EHS! [4]

Researchers estimate that approximately 3% of the population has severe symptoms of EHS, and another 35% of the population has moderate symptoms such as an impaired immune system and chronic illness (Havas, 2007). [5]

That is the unknown side effect of unseen microwave activity pollution and EMFs/RFs, which often strikes out of the blue—or so it seems after prolonged cell phone and other electromagnetic frequency exposures for years—and then life becomes the nightmare you never thought it could be.  Just ask anyone who has EHS!  Are you aware EHS is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Is addiction to a cell phone and electromagnetic technology really worth it?


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Types of Pollution

Doctors Present Evidence of Wireless Radiation Impacts Upon Children
May 3, 2016 – Baltimore, Maryland
54 minutes

How much electromagnetic radiation am I exposed to?

EMF/RF and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Clinic
Dr. William Rae, MD / Environmental Health Center
8345 Walnut Hill Ln # 220, Dallas, Texas
Phone: (214) 368-4132

They simply do not deserve to live

They simply do not deserve to live



Trump budget director: Feeding elderly and children has to end, it’s not ‘showing any results’


By Joan McCarter  ………..2017/03/16 · 13:07Bottom of Form……….White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told the White House press corps Thursday that popular vote loser Donald Trump’s budget cuts Meals on Wheels and after-school nutrition programs because those programs "aren’t showing any results."


We can’t do that anymore. We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good. Meals on Wheels sounds great. […] I can’t defend that anymore. We cannot defend that anymore. $20 trillion in debt. We’re going to spend money, we’re going to spend a lot of money but we’re not going to spend it on programs that show they deliver the promises we made to people.

As for the school children:    They’re supposed to help kids who don’t get fed at home get fed so they do better in school. Guess what? There’s no evidence they’re actually doing that. There’s no evidence they’re helping results, helping kids do better in school, which is what — when we took your money from you to say, we’re going to spend them on after-school program, we justified it by saying these kids will do better in school and get jobs. We have no proof that’s helping.

Goddammit old people and school children! Get out there and get jobs so we know that feeding you is worth our money.

No, Mulvaney says, the "compassionate" thing to do is for tax payers, to "go to them and say, look, we’re not going to ask you for your hard-earned money anymore. Single mom of two in Detroit, give us your money. We’re not going to do that anymore unless they can guarantee that money will be used in a proper function." That, he says, "is about as compassionate as you can get."

Because, really, wouldn’t we all rather fund a few more destroyers than see our neighbors not starve?

…WE reflect perfectly how our Pre$ident automatically lies to us…

WE reflect perfectly how our Pre$ident automatically lies to us…

The US is blatantly telling lies


… as it tries to turn the World against IranIt’s no secret that the Trump administration has a strong distaste for Iran. Iran is one of the only issues on which the U.S. president has remained relatively consistent. Trump berated the country both before and after taking office.However, Trump’s anti-Iran strategy goes against the better judgment of even the most anti-Iranian advisors in his staff who don’t want to see the U.S. isolated on the world stage. Fortunately for Trump, ………….Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »


Though it is time of us to act … WE are paralyzed by fear … WE have been selectively educated by corporate to “dumb us down” to accept and forget WE have the right to express our truth at any time and place, providing we are not falsely yelling “fire” in a theatre…

…Though it is time of us to act … WE are paralyzed by fear … WE have been selectively educated by corporate to “dumb us down” to accept and forget WE have the right to express our truth at any time and place, providing we are not falsely yelling “fire” in a theatre…

Change is upon us, it is time for the people to act


“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin A time comes when all must open their eyes to an unsavory truth. Americans find themselves questioning whether the decisions being made are in the best interest of the people, or in the interest of secrecy, power and money. There are still those in the government who believe in the constitution; what seems to have become no more than a historical relic to……….Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »


We fail to acknowledge WATER’S most valuable property … without “clean” water all mankind perishes

…We fail to acknowledge WATER’S most valuable property … without “clean” water all mankind perishes…

Origin of water’s unusual properties found


Source:  Stockholm UniversitySummary:  Using x-ray lasers, researchers have been able to map out how water fluctuates between two different states when it is cooled. At -44°C these fluctuations reach a maximum pointing to the fact that water can exist as two different distinct liquids. FULL STORY Illustration showing fluctuations between regions of two different local structures (high density as red and low density liquid as blue) of water that depend on the temperature.……Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »