…Mr. McCain it is time to put the citizens of Arizona above your health conditions and retire allowing Arizona to have representation in the halls of our federal government…

John McCain to miss State of the Union, January goal of Senate return


Dan Nowicki, The Republic | azcentral.comPublished 5:00 a.m. MT Jan. 30, 2018 | Updated 8:08 a.m. MT Jan. 30, 2018

The State of the Union address is one of the most important speeches a President can give. But what is the importance behind such a moment. Veuer’s Nick Cardona (@nickcardona93) has that story.Buzz60


Ailing Sen. John McCain has not returned to Washington, D.C., and is not expected to attend Tuesday night’s State of the Union address from President Donald Trump.

McCain, R-Ariz., is battling an aggressive form of brain cancer and was hospitalized in December in Bethesda, Maryland, for a viral infection and side effects to his ongoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

McCain’s office has not provided an official update on the senator’s health since Dec. 17 but, at that time, he signaled he looked forward to returning to the Senate in January, a goal he now appears certain to miss.


What Americans want is the TRUTH … what Trump will give them is “alternative fact” … a/k/a “fake” news…

clip_image002…What Americans want is the TRUTH … what Trump will give them is “alternative fact” … a/k/a “fake” news…


What Americans want to hear in Trump’s State of the Union speech


We asked people from around the United States what issues they most want President Trump to focus on during his first State of the Union address. USA TODAY


Arizona is a smart place to begin as WE have allowed public education to be underfunded for more than 20 years and become bottom barrel

…Arizona is a smart place to begin as WE have allowed public education to be underfunded for more than 20 years and become bottom barrel…

Roberts: Kochs (and Gov. Ducey) declare war on Arizona school voucher opponents


Laurie Roberts, opinion columnistPublished 10:16 a.m. MT Jan. 30, 2018 | Updated 10:59 a.m. MT Jan. 30, 2018

Save our Schools Arizona delivered 111,540 signatures to the secretary of state on Aug. 8, 2017, to put the controversial expansion of Arizona’s school-voucher program on the November 2018 ballot.

Laurie Roberts: Arizona is ‘ground zero’ in the Koch brothers’ battle to reshape public education in 2018.

If you are someone who believes in the public schools – the ones that educate 95 percent of Arizona’s children …

If you are someone who believes that tax money shouldn’t be spent to create a two-tier system of education – private schools for those of means and public ones for everybody else …

Then it’s time to start paying attention.

Kochs targeting school voucher vote

Gov. Doug Ducey and his Koch brothers network of "dark money" bazillionaires have set their sights on saving Arizona’s expanded voucher law – the one that a grassroots group and 100,000 Arizona voters put on hold last year via referendum.

The one that will be on the ballot this fall as Proposition 305, so you can decide whether you want your tax money going to fund private schools.

The one that is now dead center in the sights of the Koch network as it prepares to spend whatever it takes – and say whatever it takes — to ensure the expanded voucher law will stand.

The Washington Post, invited to sit in on the Koch network’s strategy session on education at its weekend retreat, reported Tuesday that the Kochs see Arizona as ‘ground zero’ in their push to reshape education.

Ducey’s campaign to squash opposition

And the general leading that push will be Gov. Doug Ducey.

Ducey, addressing Koch donors at the weekend retreat in California, talked up the need to defeat the citizen referendum and allow the law to take effect.

“This is a very real fight in my state,” Ducey said, according to the Post. “I didn’t run for governor to play small ball. I think this is an important idea.”

The problem with this important idea, of course, is that this particular form of school choice isn’t really a choice at all for most people.

Vouchers not a choice for most people

That’s because a voucher would cover only a portion of the cost of private tuition, around $4,000. No doubt, the well-to-do will snap up those vouchers, diverting what they would have spent on tuition into better vacations.

And everyone else can stay in the woefully underfunded public school system.

Oh, there will be some for whom that $4,000 voucher would make all the difference, parents who just need those few extra thousand that a voucher will supply to be able to afford tuition. But those families already can get publicly funded scholarships via the state’s tuition tax credit program.

Just don’t expect that to be mentioned in the coming campaign to save the expended voucher law.

Just how far will the Kochs go?

Already, the Koch-funded Libre Initiative is targeting Latino families to extol the wonders of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, as vouchers are called.

Already, the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity is in court, trying to knock Prop. 305 off the ballot.

Now, it’s being pitched to Koch donors as a fight against teacher unions. The Post,covering the meeting, described it this way:

“Teacher unions, worried that this will undermine the public system, collected enough signatures to put the law on hold and create a ballot proposition to let voters decide in November whether to expand vouchers.”

Meanwhile, the Post reports that Ducey introduced Steve Perry, of Capital Prep Charter Schools in Harlem, N.Y., who has been coming to Arizona to speak in support of the voucher law.

“The teacher unions are unencumbered by the truth,” Perry told the Koch donors. “It is a distant relative that is never invited to dinner.”

Prepare to be lied to

Actually, in Arizona the teacher union is unencumbered by any actual power. If it had any, would our teachers be among the nation’s lowest paid?

In fact, Arizona’s teacher union had nothing to do with the referendum on vouchers. Nor was it a Democratic Party effort (in case that’s the next red herring launched).

Save Our Schools Arizona was started by a handful of ordinary citizens who met at the state Capitol last year while waiting to testify against the voucher bill. These political neophytes were so angered by the bill’s passage that they decided to launch a referendum to try to stop it.

This, despite every so-called political expert’s warning that it couldn’t be done – not by a group of citizen volunteers with no major financial or organizational backing.

So they did it anyway, sending the powers-that-be – in and outside of this state – reeling.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, cannot be allowed to stand.



Devising law which eliminated full disclosure and transparency of all government action

..ATTENTION ARIZONA …       This is how our Koch Bro$ owned state legislature is spending its time ….. Devising law which eliminated full disclosure and transparency of all government action ….. They do not want you and me to know a damn thing…

House Federalism, Property Rights, and Public Policy

HB 2153 and HCR 2008, both sponsored by Rep. Leach, are scheduled to be heard in the House Federalism, Property Rights, and Public Policy Committee tomorrow at 2PM.

HB 2153, if passed, would prohibit municipalities from requiring that nonprofit organizations disclose donors and file as a political action committee, allowing for unfettered secretive spending by any organization with a 501-c (3) or 501-c (4) classification. This further loosening of campaign finance protections will only intensify the hazardous impacts that dark money has on our elections. The bill also runs in contradiction of the State of Arizona v. City of Tucson, where the Arizona Supreme Court reaffirmed that “method and manner of conducting elections in the city . . . is peculiarly the subject of local interest and is not a matter of statewide concern.”

HCR 2008 would send to the voters a requirement that the Attorney General make the final determination that an initiative isn’t in conflict with federal law in order to get on the ballot – a change that, if approved by the voters, would grant the executive branch an excessive amount of power over Arizona’s ballot measure process.

If you live in any of the Federalism, Property Rights, and Public Policy member’s districts, please give them a call to voice your opinion on these bills. If you aren’t sure which district you live in you can find out here.

Bob Thorpe (Chair)

LD 6



Mark Finchem (Vice Chair)

LD 11


(602) 926-3122

Isela Blanc

LD 26


(602) 926-5187

Noel Campbell

LD 1


(602) 926-3124

Travis Grantham

LD 12


(602) 926-4868

Daniel Hernandez

LD 2


(602) 926-4840

Tony Navarrete

LD 30


(602) 926-4864

Kevin Payne

LD 21


(602) 926-4854

David Stringer

LD 1


(602) 926-4838

House Government

HCR 2007, sponsored by Rep. Coleman, is on the agenda for Thursday’s 9:30AM House Government Committee.

HCR 2007 would send to the voters the question to limit Clean Elections candidates on what services they are allowed to pay political parties for. Clean Candidates will, every so often, partner with their political parties to receive campaign training and expertise that is not available to less experienced candidates, as well as other kinds of campaign services. If approved by the voters, this bill would eliminate that option and limit financial transactions made with political parties solely to access to the voter file.

If you live in any of the House Government member’s districts, please give them a call.

Doug Coleman (Chair)

LD 16


(602) 926-3160

Bob Thorpe (Vice Chair)

LD 6


(602) 926-5219

Todd Clodfelter

LD 10


(602) 926-4850

Drew John

LD 14


(602) 926-5154

Michelle Ugenti-Rita

LD 23


(602) 926-4480

Ken Clark

LD 24


(602) 926-3108

Ray Martinez

LD 30


(602) 926-5158

Athena Salman

LD 26


(602) 926-4858

Use the legislature’s Request to Speak system to log in and voice your opinion on these bills. If you don’t have a Request to Speak account yet, sign up for one here. To support the work that we’re doing at AZAN this session, consider contributing $25 to our efforts today.

Arizona Advocacy Network

…They truly do not have a choice as the bottom is fast falling out of their bag of tricks … Americans are waking up…

…They truly do not have a choice as the bottom is fast falling out of their bag of tricks … Americans are waking up…

The Koch Brothers Are Pouring an Unfathomable Sum Into the Mid-Term Elections

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams

The right-wing billionaires are trying build the "best plutocracy money can buy." READ MORE»


Just what part of it’s … “VEGA$”… DON’T YOU GET…???

…Just what part of it’s … “VEGA$”… DON’T YOU GET…???

RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn accused of forcing employees to regularly perform sex acts


Remember this is ARIZONA where education is bottom barrel…

.Remember this is ARIZONA where education is bottom barrel…

Armed Trump Supporters in Az. Confront, Ask Native American Legislator If He "Is Here Legally"


By durrati  …….2018/01/27