The Republicans/GOP… NOT alone as many Democrats in Congress are equally calculable in protecting “big-oil”…

…The Republicans/GOP… NOT alone as many Democrats in Congress are equally calculable in protecting “big-oil”…

Republicans let a tax on oil companies expire, and oil spill response could pay the price


By Laura Clawson  ……..2018/01/05 · 09:52………..Congressional Republicans let a tax on oil companies expire this week, giving the companies a big tax break (another one!) and taking money away from a federal oil spill response fund:

The tax on companies selling oil in the United States generated an average of $500 million in federal revenue per year, according to the Government Accountability Office. The money, collected through a 9 cents-per-barrel tax on domestic crude oil and imported crude oil and petroleum products, constituted the main source of revenue for the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

The fund has at least $5.75 billion in reserve. Intended to help the government respond quickly to accidents on land or offshore, it was established in 1986 but only got a stable source of funding in the wake of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.

The tax, which expired Sunday, had lapsed before but was renewed under the bipartisan 2005 Energy Policy Act. Federal officials recently had debated whether it should be expanded to apply to oil sands products.

Republicans haven’t ruled out bringing the tax back retroactively, and Democrats are pushing for just that.

“The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund ensures that when there is a spill, American taxpayers are not left holding the bag to clean up Big Oil’s mess,” Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), who as a House member chaired hearings on the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, said in a statement. “We should have a robust trust fund — not just trust that oil companies will do nothing wrong — in case a disaster like the BP spill happens again.”

This is one to keep an eye on. Will Republicans do the right thing for once, or will they quietly let the issue die, until the next time a major oil spill makes everyone sit up and notice?


who is directed to keep Arizona’s electorate as stupid as possible..

clip_image002clip_image004…Tragically in Arizona both public and charter schools are controlled by a state legislature in turn owned and controlled by the Koch Bro$ managed by their “lap-dog” Governor Doug Ducey who is directed to keep Arizona’s electorate as stupid as possible..

The form of trust suggested is trading a headache for a stomach ache

clip_image002…The form of trust suggested is trading a headache for a stomach ache…

…Whether it is TAP water or BOTTLED water in either case YOU do not have a seat at the table determining how SAFE is defined…

…We have been educated to acquiesce to the WATER regulator gurus who are currently owned by corporate interests…


A mouth attached to an ego run amuck…

A mouth attached to an ego run amuck


President Trump, in a flurry of tweets, defended his mental capacity, saying he is "a very stable genius"

Saturday, January 6, 2018 8:11 AM EST


President Trump, in an extraordinary defense of his mental capacity and fitness for office, described himself on Saturday as a “genius” and “a very stable genius at that.”

In a series of Twitter messages that seemed to respond to revelations in a new book, Mr. Trump defended himself by charting his rise to the presidency, saying one of his chief assets throughout his life was “being, like, really smart.”

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Please explain how CORN which is primarily a Mon$snto/GMO crop can be healthy and SAFE for human consumption…???

…Please explain how CORN which is primarily a Mon$snto/GMO crop can be healthy and SAFE for human consumption…???

Corn flour: the pluses and minuses of this gluten-free flour


In our gluten-free diet world, it’s easy to get tripped up by the number of options. What’s actually good for me? Which alternatives are better left on the grocery store shelf? Corn flour, cornstartch, is a gluten-free option that you should know about.There are some caveats — it shouldn’t always be your first choice — but if you buy the right kind, you can take advantage of a gluten-free option that doesn’t compromise on taste. Whether you’re gluten-intolerant…
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How can WE allow these practices to continue…???

How can WE allow these practices to continue…???

Things the Dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Your Milk, Cheese, Butter and Yogurt  …..The dairy industry is hell on earth for cows.


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By Joe Loria / AlterNet

Here are 10 horrible things the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know.

1. Cows suffer from painful infections.………Subjected to intensive genetic manipulation, cows produce an abnormally large amount of milk. This unnatural production, combined with the physical damage inflicted by the milking equipment, contributes to mastitis, a painful udder infection.

2. There is pus in the milk.……..Mastitis generates pus, which gets into the milk. The USDA reports that one in six U.S. dairy cows suffers from mastitis, and this miserable infection is responsible for one in six cow deaths at dairy factory farms.

Because mastitis is so prevalent, the U.S. dairy industry demands that American milk retain more pus-causing cells than any other country—a million pus cells per spoonful. So gross!

3. Calves’ tails are cut off.……..This involves cutting through the sensitive skin, nerves, and bones without any painkillers. Animal welfare experts condemn this unnecessary and inhumane practice.

4. Cows’ hair is burned off with torches.……..Every four to five weeks, dairy farmers use a propane torch to singe the hair around cows’ sensitive udders.

5. Cows’ horns are burned or sawed off.………Workers burn or saw off the horns of cattle without anesthetics. This painful and grisly practice, which often leads to infection, is considered standard.

6. The industry pollutes the environment.……The U.S. dairy industry has a record of egregious water pollution. In fact, animal excrement and other agricultural runoff from large-scale farms have polluted nearly one-third of rivers in the U.S.

7. Cows are forcibly impregnated.…….This is highly invasive, requiring farmers to stick nearly their entire arms into the cows’ rectums. This stressful procedure is repeated about every 12 months. Dairy cows are kept in a constant cycle of pregnancy, birth and lactation.

8. Baby calves are stolen from their mothers.……..Newborn calves are typically taken away from their mothers within hours of birth. This forced separation often causes cows to bellow for hours or even days, pacing and searching for their calves. Heartbreaking, right?

9. Babies are killed for veal.………Since male calves don’t produce milk, they’re of no use to dairy farms and are often sold for veal production. Veal is a direct byproduct of the dairy industry.

10. “Spent” cows are tortured and killed for hamburger.……Weak, sick, and injured, "spent" dairy cows are often brutally prodded, beaten, and even dragged before being slaughtered and processed into ground beef. Sickening.

Fortunately, consumers can withdraw their financial support from this gruesome industry. Join the millions of people who are ditching dairy and adopting a compassionate vegan diet. For a list of dairy alternatives, click here.


Trump & Session just don’t get it … it’s game over

…Trump & Session just don’t get it … it’s game over…

Justice Department: Federal cannabis prohibition is back


The White House said President Donald Trump’s top priority was enforcing federal law "whether it’s marijuana or immigration."Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department rescinded an Obama-era policy on Thursday that had eased enforcement of federal cannabis laws in states that legalized the herb, instead of giving federal prosecutors largesse to pursue criminal charges as they so choose.RELATED: Cannabis Market Surges as California Legalizes Recreational UseCalifornia…..Read full article at website »

Why Jeff Sessions’ War on Weed Is a Futile Pursuit

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

He can do some damage, but he can’t roll back the clock.  READ MORE»


The people Jeff Sessions’s marijuana directive could end up hurting the most

Sessions’s enforcement of federal marijuana laws could harm people of color, critics say.

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Democratic White House hopefuls attack Sessions over marijuana policy change

The attorney general’s decision to lift restraints on federal prosecution of marijuana-related crimes in states that have legalized its use and possession generates criticism among Democrats.

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Trump administration angers vulnerable Republicans with offshore-drilling expansion and marijuana crackdown