…How often do we stop to ask our self … WHY …???

image…How often do we stop to ask our self … WHY …???

...Why do I respond as I do … why do I not ask questions of any public official … why do I accept all replies from any public official as honest, fair, justified…???

…Why do I continue to allow nearly every politician to treat me and all humans as their subjects, when in fact, it is WE who in America elect them … to represent …

Why do we continue to elect public officials to offices where they routinely sell us out to for-profit-private-enterprises who then lavish $$$ on them to enable them to stave off all ethical and progressive competition thereby getting us to re-elect them over and over and over…???

Why do we … especially in Arizona … continue to elect a legislature, now for more than 20 years, which routinely, consistently underfunds public education driving the level of education we provide to our children to near bottom barrel…???

…Why do we consistently allow the owners of professional sports teams to get us … that’s you and me … to fund new mega billion dollar sports stadiums which solely benefit their pocketbook$$$…???

…Why do we allow ANY government agenda … meeting … to deny US unfettered opportunity to seek and only accept complete answers from ALL government personnel from Governor … Legislators … City Council members … Regulators … and not be told we need be satisfied with their easily digestible pabulum replies…???


…Why do WE allow, in our name, our Congress, our President and our military to unilaterally without full disclosure and transparent provocation utilize “drones” to ”KILL innocent citizens of sovereign nations…???

…Why do we allow our President to deliberately attempt to provoke North Korea into WAR…???

…Why do we allow any WATER regulator to HIDE from us the actual current water conditions and the scientific projection of water conditions for the next 12 to 24 months…???

…Why do we allow any government agency to deny us access to information under the ubiquitous guise of “national security”…???

…Why do we allow the PATRIOT ACT to continue to be enforced…???

…Why do we allow any CORPORATION to have the same legal rights as a living breathing human being…???



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