…Inasmuch as FDA is “big-pharma” owned is there any surprise…???

…Inasmuch as FDA is “big-pharma” owned is there any surprise…???

FDA just falsely declared kratom to be an opioid

… ensuring Big Pharma a lifetime of profitThe FDA is proving its loyalty to big pharma and is putting the final nail in the coffin that is the legal, safe, and natural painkiller, kratom.(TFTP) In one of the most ignorant and corrupt decisions to ever come from the Food and Drug Administration, the government agency has declared the kratom plant to be an opioid. Illustrating their servitude to the pharmaceutical industry, the move will only serve to increase the already horrendous epidemic of opioid …
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Is the FDA trying to ban over-the-counter homeopathy?

Written By: Larry Malerba, DOIs the FDA acting out of malicious intent or willful ignorance in publishing a new draft guidance on homeopathics which would effectively treat them like pharmaceutical drugs, with similar regulatory requirements? FDA’s Regulatory Overreach Reflects Poor Understanding of HomeopathyWhen FDA announced a “draft guidance” in December 2017 stating its latest intentions regarding the regulation of homeopathic products, it became clear that the agency had paid ………Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »

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