Our Arizona … Koch Bro$ owned … State Legislature at work protecting…???

…Our Arizona … Koch Bro$ owned … State Legislature at work protecting…???

HCR 2008, which would give the Attorney General the unilateral power to withhold initiatives from the ballot because he deems them preempted or in conflict with federal law, was held again in the House Federalism Committee. Once again, the bill was held because Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was not there to testify in support of the bill. HCR 2008 has been placed on the Federalism agenda for their final committee meeting next Tuesday.


AZAN also testified in opposition to HCR 2007, which was heard in the House Government committee. As you remember, this bill would place further restrictions on Clean Elections candidates to work with their respective political parties, something that traditionally funded candidates would still be able to do. This bill has the potential to disincentivize participation in the Clean Elections program – ultimately harming Arizona’s democracy. The bill unfortunately passed out of committee by a vote of 4-3 (party-line).

In addition to monitoring committees and floor action at the Capitol, AZAN proudly stood with other progressive groups to announce the Sunrise Agenda. The “Sunrise Agenda" is the culmination of work from various progressive groups, lawmakers, and other community leaders to codify a unified, proactive, progressive agenda. Please take a few minutes to check it ou!

Morgan Dick, Arizona Advocacy Network

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