Yea… she got conned…

…Yea… she got conned…

Politico: Susan Collins "explodes" at broken promise to hold vote on guaranteeing health insurer pay


By Gideon  ……..2018/02/10 · 14:46……….According to Politico, Susan Collins is shocked to discover that the White House has broken a promise to her.

President Donald Trump’s legislative affairs director, Marc Short, stood just off the Senate floor as Republicans cast a party-line vote on Trump’s tax package late last year, but his moment of triumph was brief.

As she walked off the floor, Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins spotted Short — and she exploded.

The White House had promised Collins, a moderate, that it would seek a vote before recess on guaranteeing payments to health insurers in order to stabilize Obamacare markets, a key issue for her. But under intense opposition from pro-life groups and from House conservatives, no such vote materialized.

Collins berated Short for reneging on the deal and then walked off after Short tried to explain, according to two people familiar with the exchange.

“I was disappointed the deadline slipped,” Collins told POLITICO in an interview.

Here is my interpretation.  Either Collins was a fool to believe any such promises, or she is now just feigning outrage to shift blame and cover herself.  In the end, I guess I don’t really care what is the answer.

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