Governor defines efficiency as minimizing SERVICE to the public…

…It all depends upon how you define EFFICIENCY as having citizens stand in line for over an hour at DMV with half empty work stations appears that Ducey/Koch Bro$ anointed Governor defines efficiency as minimizing SERVICE to the public…

Arizona Improves Efficiency Of State Government
Governor Ducey met with members of his cabinet Tuesday to discuss how the implementation of the Arizona Management System has helped state government operate at the speed of business, saving Arizona taxpayers real money and time.

Arizona Capitol Times: New And Innovative Ideas Drive Arizona’s Economic Success
"Getting the right people together from the public and private sectors, in Arizona and abroad, is supporting Arizona’s work to lead in international trade, tourism, among many other sectors. Arizona is a leader in welcoming new technologies and partnerships, while removing the barriers of government to drive Arizona’s economic success."

But Ducey/Koch Bro$ can always find ways to increase corporate profit$$$$

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