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…And remember as we consume this food the antibiotic in them pass to us and then WE pass in our feces to become potable water for others…

…Get the picture…

US livestock raised for food found to have huge levels of antibiotics – five times more than what is allowed in the UK

British consumers got quite the shock when they discovered that antibiotic levels in the meat products they’re planning to buy from the U.S. have gone through the barn roof. American farm animals are dosed with several times the antibiotics given to locally-raised livestock, reported The Guardian.According to newly-acquired research data from the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, the difference in dosage rate depends on the animal involved. The U.S. uses three times more antibiotics in its …
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think that is the case today…???

…This could be construed as taunting headline … but … what is true is WE do not teach that WE have the right to ASK & DEMAND answers for ALL public officials … including our President … WE ask the questions and they are supposed to provide us the TRUTH … think that is the case today…???

Trolls and Hackers Find It Easy to Trick Americans Because We Are a Nation of Ignoramuses

By Sophia A. McClennen, Salon

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