TRUMP is petrified by women

…There is NO doubt that TRUMP finds the response from the Danish woman to be in that category he defines like Oprah as INSECURE…

…Truth is TRUMP is petrified by women like Oprah and this Danish lady who dare call him out…

Oprah got perfect response from Danish woman on their social welfare state


By Egberto Willies 2018/03/04 · 10:49  ….Denmark continues to hold the rank as the country where people are the happiest in the world. This Danish woman had a response that shocked Oprah on her thoughts on the misrepresentation of Democratic Socialism a few years back.

Bottom of Form

The enlightened Danish woman defended her country’s form of democracy with words Americans would do well learning and implementing sooner than later. The Danish woman told Oprah that happiness is considered a big success.

Oprah pointed out that in fact, Denmark is a Democratic Country but that it had Socialist views. One of the guests acknowledged that without hesitation. The other woman gave it the necessary context.

"Well, you might think so," the Danish woman said. "We don’t necessarily think of it as that. We all think of it as being civilized; that you take care of your old and your sick. And you make sure that people get well educated. So we think of it more as being civilized."

And that is what separates ideologies. Some are humane while others are intrinsically selfish and thus evil. A civilized country is about having programs in one’s nation that protect & invest in all of its citizens. Ayn Randian ideologies are about allowing the lowest savagery of our humanity to emerge.

Bernie Sanders’ article "What Can We Learn From Denmark?" is a must-read. Americans should expect so much more especially given our collective wealth of resources and human capital. We must work together to form a society that does not allow the greed, selfishness, and immorality of a few to dictate what our society looks like.

We can change our nation if we start to empower ourselves with the realization that our political influence will matter if we take the time to complain less, engage more, and assert our worth. If Denmark and other Scandinavian countries can do it, we can as well. And we must not allow anyone or entity to deter us with fallacies like, "Scandinavian countries are small," and "These countries are homogeneous." With good leadership everything scales.

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