We are aware this is true … yet we do nothing … why…???

…We are aware this is true … yet we do nothing … why…???


Economist and financial adviser Catherine Austin Fitts joins Greg Hunter to discuss her latest Solari Report,which is available for free, about how America’s pensions are being drained by the Federal Government and the Deep State. Fitts says she studied pension funds to see if she could learn anything about how to stop their corruption.


"[America has] become so dependent on criminal enterprise and so dependent on lies that I think many people in the establishment have forgotten what the truth is… the rest of the world has not necessarily forgotten… I’ve always said that people who play in a rigged system gets stupid. [We have an] extraordinary ability to manage the financial markets and and rig the lies. I think we’re getting stupid on our own lies…


"We’re the laughingstock of the world… they really believe that America is not under adult supervision… There’s no way that the world is going to support and defend a reserve currency that’s run by children. It’s not going to happen."


Catherine talks military tribunals for government criminals, purges and the 2018 election. She brings a great degree of expertise and groundedness to the world of economic prognosticators who base their calls on their knowledge of realpolitik.


Running Time: 37 mins      https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/catherine-austin-fitts-we-are-financing-what-is-killing-us/



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