Let’s admit WE allow it to happen on our watch while remaining deaf, dumb, silent…

…Let’s admit WE allow it to happen on our watch while remaining deaf, dumb, silent…

Trump rolls back organic farm animal welfare rules so farm animals can be treated cruelly again


By Walter Einenkel  …..2018/03/12 · 11:4……The Trump administration continues its efforts to create a world where the worst impulses of humankind are rewarded. The Hill reports that Trump’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it will be rolling back an Obama-era rule that benefits one group of people over another.

The Trump administration has decided to withdraw an Obama-era rule that would have set new standards for the way animals should be treated if their meat is going to sold as “certified organic.”

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced Monday that it is officially withdrawing the final rule it delayed for the third time in November. The agency said the rule, which was set to take effect in May, exceeded the department’s statutory authority and could have had a negative effect on voluntary participation in the National Organic Program.

Not unlike Ajit Pai, the Republican USDA is saying that organic food industry is “robust.” No need to change anything. Animals can’t talk. But gold bullion can in the swampy world of Republican leadership.


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