WE keep electing them expecting them to change and that just ain’t going happen…

…Democrat$$$ are making it clear they too feed at the same hog-trough as the GOP/Republicans… and WE keep electing them expecting them to change and that just ain’t going happen…

Senate Democrats Are Just Openly Antagonizing Their Progressive Base Now

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon…….A "Bank Lobbyist Act" threatens to tear the party asunder ahead of the 2018 mid-terms………. READ MORE»

 A Dozen Democrats Want To Help Banks Hide Racial Discrimination In Mortgages

Tim Kaine isn’t shy about his work as a fair housing lawyer. When he ran as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2016, the Virginia senator routinely touted his past pro bono efforts to help low-income families deal with shady landlords and racist lenders. Combined with his affable dork-dad delivery, Kaine helped shore up Hillary Clinton’s credibility on an ambitious anti-discrimination agenda. And it didn’t sound like empty politician talk: Kaine had done the work.

He still feels a connection with civil rights attorneys. “In representing people who are getting ripped off or who don’t have anybody else to stand up for them or who don’t even know the questions to ask or where to turn for help, you are the hero,” Kaine told a Washington gathering of the nonprofit National Consumer Law Center in November.

And on Monday, the Senate will hold a key vote on a Kaine-sponsored bill that deliberately undermines the government’s ability to enforce laws against racial discrimination in the housing market. The legislation would block the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from collecting key data showing when and where families of color are being overcharged for home loans or steered into predatory products. It’s just one small provision in a broad financial deregulation package, which is almost certain to clear both chambers of Congress and receive President Donald Trump’s signature. Last week, 17 members of the Senate Democratic caucus voted to advance the bill.


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