DESAL” … is not without its own set of issues

…”DESAL” … is not without its own set of issues which need objective resolution … the amount and concentration of “brine” (concentrated salt) needs to be addressed … dumping it back into the ocean only set up another environmental disaster…

Salty squeeze …Arizona, Nevada see desal plants on water horizon


L.A. Times……Water Deeply & Las Vegas Sun…….In the West, securing a future water supply amid drought and population growth, among many other critical factors, is difficult to say the least. That may be why Arizona and Nevada are looking to desalinated water – or “desal” – as a key long-term planning component. But the process, reverse osmosis, isn’t cheap. It takes a lot of energy, and the resulting wastewater may raise concerns. But with rivers running dry, that could be one of few options left.


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