.Our Arizona State legislature heard at work making sure WE do not have any voice in how our government operates…and for whose benefit…

…Our Arizona State legislature heard at work making sure WE do not have any voice in how our government operates…and for whose benefit…

Unsurprisingly, it is another hectic week at the Capitol and we need your help to fend off attacks on Clean Elections and dark money disclosure. Both HCR 2007 and HB 2153 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday morning at 9:00am.


HCR 2007 cleverly attacks the Clean Elections Commission by limiting their rulemaking ability. The bill also disincentives participation in the Clean Elections by limiting resources available to Clean Candidates, like coordinating with their political party.

 HB 2153 would effectively prevent local governments from imposing their own “dark money” disclosure requirements in municipal elections. This measure is in direct conflict with the Prop 403 – which was OVERWHELMINGLY passed by Tempe voters just last week. You might remember that HB 2153 passed the House in early February. During the floor debate, several concerns were raised over language in the bill that would prevent subpoenas from being issued if campaign finance violations were suspected. In his explanation of his vote, Representative Farnsworth said he had major concerns over this problem but was "assured" by the bill sponsor, Rep. Leach, that a solution could be found. We have yet to see any changes to the bill.

If you live in any of the Judiciary members’ districts, please give them a call to voice your opinion on these bills. If you aren’t sure which district you live in, you canfind out here.

Judy Burges (Chair)


(602) 926-5861


Nancy Barto (Vice Chair)


(602) 926-5766


Frank Pratt


(602) 926-5761


Bob Worsley


(602) 926-5760


Lupe Contreras


(602) 926-5284


Andrea Dalessandro


(602) 926-5342


Martin Quezada


(602) 926-5911


Arizona Advocacy Network

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