What happened to common sense and common courtesy…???

… What happened to common sense and common courtesy…???

Lawsuit filed against San Antonio police officer who pulled out woman’s tampon on public street


By Walter Einenkel 2018/03/27 · 14:31A lawsuit against the city of San Antonio, Texas, was filed claiming that back in 2016, San Antonio police officer Mara Wilson took a woman’s tampon out, on a public street, in order to internally search her vagina—while standing on that same public street. According to KSAT12, an ABC affiliate, the lawsuit charges that Natalie Simms’ constitutional rights were violated.


According to the filing, Simms was approached by officers while sitting on a curb, talking on the phone and waiting for her boyfriend. The lawsuit claims Simms consented to a search of her car, which was parked across the street from where she was sitting, and that authorities found no illegal items.

Then, the lawsuit alleges, authorities called a female officer, Wilson, to the scene to search Simms.

The lawsuit details parts of the conversations between Simms and Wilson, recorded from Wilson’s body camera. According to the court documents, Simms and Wilson went back and forth about the kind of clothes she was wearing before Wilson began searching her vaginal cavity.


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