self-anointed “movers & shakers” endorse action that benefits the few at the expense

clip_image002…Makes perfect sense in “red-meat” Arizona that our self-anointed “movers & shakers” endorse action that benefits the few at the expense of the many…

…Beautify a “small” segment of the Salt River through a “small” portion of metro-Phoenix while the rest of the state imposes water restrictions…???

…Do not address the increased evaporation of the limited water that Arizona has as it is “captured” to “make-pretty” that portion of the Salt River basin these “self-anointed” deem appropriate…

…Forget that Arizona is DEPENDENT upon the Colorado River and Lake Mead or WE perish…

…Oh, by the way … what is the long term expectation for Lake Mead…???

john loves bullets and war


Arizona teachers had enough lies


you really believe that our “leader$” will allow any corporation to be held accountable f

clip_image002…Hello this is Koch Bro$$ owned Arizona and you really believe that our “leader$” will allow any corporation to be held accountable for anything they do harmful to human life…???

…Just what are you smoking…???

A massive for-profit prison healthcare provider is finally going to be held accountable for abuses


Rebecca Pilar Buckwalter Poza  …..Daily Kos Staff………2018/03/29 · 08:10 ……Federal Magistrate Judge David Duncan heard arguments for and against sanctioning the Arizona Department of Corrections this week. ADC has been accused of permitting for-profit prison healthcare provider Corizon to provide healthcare so inadequate as to broach the question of cruel and unusual punishment—despite a 2015 settlement specifying benchmarks for improvement.


Arizona has placed the blame squarely on Corizon. The agreed-upon monetary penalties weren’t working! Well, no wonder: Corizon makes $400,000 a day from its Arizona contract, and monthly sanctions are capped at $90,000. Paying sanctions is cheaper than complying, and the state agreed to caps that mean the maximum fine is a drop in the bucket compared to profits. If it hadn’t, it would be entitled to $8.6 million from Corizon by October 2017.

Since the penalties weren’t working, ADC decided to create incentives for Corizon to comply, totaling a staggering $3.5 million. Corizon’s already earned $2.5 million of that amount, and, in the end, it could come out having received more in incentive payments than it lost in sanctions.

These latest revelations seem likely to fuel Duncan’s ire. Jimmy Jenkins, a reporter at KJZZ in Phoenix, called the updates “really stunning stuff.” Duncan had already announced that he’s considering imposing harsher oversight and a $1 million fine. Now, it looks like he may contemplate an even higher fine. Which would make sense given the amount of money at stake—and the gravity of the allegations against Corizon.


Trump and the Saudi Prince … “simpatico”…

…Trump and the Saudi Prince … “simpatico”…

Saudi Crown Prince—’Socially Acceptable War Criminal’—Enjoys U.S. Tour Hosted by America’s Elite

By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams…….Despite public relations blitz, Saudi monarchy "retains an atrocious human rights record and the situation has only deteriorated since the crown prince was appointed." ……….READ MORE»