A WATER PERSPECTIVE … Arizona water agency is gaming the system…

A  WATER  PERSPECTIVE … Arizona water agency is gaming the system

Weekly summary of Water Deeply’s top coverage of water issues in California and the American West.

Tensions are mounting over concerns that an Arizona water agency is gaming the system used for managing water from the Colorado River that is shared between seven U.S. states and Mexico.

California is reviewing 11 proposals for ways in which to help save the shrinking Salton Sea by importing water, the Desert Sun reported.

The city and county of Boulder, Colorado, along with San Miguel County, Colorado, have filed a lawsuit against two fossil fuel companies over climate change costs, InsideClimate News reported.




How California Water Suppliers Are Getting Earthquake-Ready

Californians know another “big one” will be coming someday. In preparation, the state’s major water suppliers have been working to seismically retrofit key infrastructure, but vulnerabilities remain.






Desalination in Las Vegas? Faraway Ocean Could Aid Future Water Needs

The Southern Nevada Water Authority expects growth to outpace current water supplies by 2037. Investing in seawater desalination is one option the agency is considering to meet demand in the desert metropolis.








If You Understand History, Colorado River Shortages Are No Surprise


Eric Kuhn,  Former General Manager, Colorado River Water Conservation District


While some problems on the Colorado River are the result of drought and climate change, Congress set the course for serious trouble in the watershed decades ago by authorizing the Central Arizona Project.





Deeply Talks: What Western Snowpack Tells Us About the Water Year


Ian Evans,  Community Editor for Environment at News Deeply


How bad was the snowpack across the West this winter and what will that mean for farms, cities and wildlife? John Fleck of the University of New Mexico and Water Deeply Managing Editor Tara Lohan discuss in our latest Deeply Talks.





Poll Shows Support for Safe Drinking Water Fund in California


Lester Snow,  Provides Strategic Counsel on Programs, Projects and Initiatives, Water Foundation


Hundreds of thousands of Californians still lack access to safe drinking water and proposed legislation would help fund solutions. Recent polling indicates that Californians are willing to pay the costs.





Upcoming coverage

Next week, we’ll look at what steps are next for California WaterFix, we’ll examine new research on how precipitation is changing in California with climate change, and we’ll talk to researchers about a new report on groundwater-surface water interactions. Stay tuned.



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