…And the real “kicker” is the can end up on America’s dinner table as ORGANIC…

…And the real “kicker” is the can end up on America’s dinner table as ORGANIC…

Destructive fishing methods, like explosives and poison, are still being used in the Philippines

Anyone who has tried snorkeling under the sea can attest to the breathtaking beauty that awaits them. Corals of different colors, shapes, and sizes are everywhere. Fish — striped, silvery, slim, fat, etc. — swim past. It’s an entire universe unto itself. Sadly, this underwater paradise is under extreme threat, no thanks to illegal fishing methods that damage coral reefs.This is what a new University of British Columbia study found out after Ph.D. student Jennifer Selgrath examined changes …
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White America in Arizona rails with the same racial prejudice… What does it take to promote acceptance…???

…White America in Arizona rails with the same racial prejudice…  What does it take to promote acceptance…???

Watch These Privileged White Manhattan Parents Rail against Plan to Bring Kids of Color to Schools    The effort to desegregate schools was not welcomed.


By Brad Reed / Raw Story……..April 25, 2018, 7:57 AM GMT


A new effort to diversify schools in the Upper West Side of Manhattan — one of the richest regions of the city — has drawn an angry reaction from many parents.

Local news station Spectrum News NY 1 has posted a video that shows white parents furiously attacking a plan to require all local middle schools to reserve 25 percent of their seats for students who score below grade level on state English and Math exams.

The plan is an effort to make schools on the Upper West Side more diverse to reflect the demographics of New York as a whole, as the schools in the area now are predominantly white.


Appears many devote their time to those topics which only enhance and separate them

…Amazing what drives Americans…!!!

Appears many devote their time to those topics which only enhance and separate them

…America’s need and the world need is clear air, safe water, quality education for all, quality health care for all … then topic like world peace will take care of themselves…

Research Finds That Racism, Sexism, and Status Fears Drove Trump Voters

Two new studies suggest Trump broadened the Republican Party’s appeal by tapping into deep-seated anxieties and prejudices.

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Study Shows Trump Voters Were Motivated by Fear of Losing Privileged Status—Not Economic Anxiety

By Martin Cizmar, Raw Story

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This is a rhetorical question, right…??? Of course our Congress can FIX our broken criminal justice system, the real question is, do they want to…???

... This is a rhetorical question, right…???    Of course our Congress can FIX our broken criminal justice system, the real question is, do they want to…???

How Can U.S. Policymakers Fix the Broken Criminal Justice System?

A criminal justice expert weighs in on a recent report to the United Nations outlining systemic racism in the U.S. criminal justice system.

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…Difficult to accept that a “draft-dodger” who is now President wants to send young Americans

…Difficult to accept that a “draft-dodger” who is now President wants to send young Americans (but not his children) to fight some meaningless WAR against Iran who to the best of my knowledge has not made any overtures  of war against the United States…???

STORYAPR 25, 2018

Trump Decries Iran Nuclear Deal as He Fills Cabinet with Advocates Pushing Regime Change in Tehran


Suggests to me that our ventures to “clone” a live human have implications which at the moment we cannot begin to fathom…

…Suggests to me that our ventures to “clone” a live human have implications which at the moment we cannot begin to fathom…

Scientists have confirmed a new DNA structure inside human cells

It’s not just the double helix!

For the first time, scientists have identified the existence of a new DNA structure never before seen in living cells.

The discovery of what’s described as a ‘twisted knot’ of DNA in living cells confirms our complex genetic code is crafted with more intricate symmetry than just the double helix structure everybody associates with DNA – and the forms these molecular variants take affect how our biology functions.

"When most of us think of DNA, we think of the double helix," says antibody therapeutics researcher Daniel Christ from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia.

"This new research reminds us that totally different DNA structures exist – and could well be important for our cells."

The new DNA component the team identified is called the intercalated motif (i-motif) structure, which was first discovered by researchers in the 1990s, but up until now had only ever been witnessed in vitro, not in living cells.

Now, thanks to Christ’s team, we know the i-motif occurs naturally in human cells, meaning the structure’s significance to cell biology – which has previously been called into question, given it had only been demonstrated in the lab – demands new attention from researchers.


If your only familiarity with DNA shapes is the dual helical spiralsmade famous by Watson and Crick, the configuration of the intercalated motif could come as a surprise.

"The i-motif is a four-stranded ‘knot’ of DNA," explains genomicist Marcel Dinger, who co-led the research.

"In the knot structure, C [cytosine] letters on the same strand of DNA bind to each other – so this is very different from a double helix, where ‘letters’ on opposite strands recognise each other, and where Cs bind to Gs [guanines]."

According to Garvan’s Mahdi Zeraati, the first author of the new study, the i-motif is only one of a number of DNA structures that don’t take the double helix form – including A-DNA, Z-DNA, triplex DNA and Cruciform DNA – and which could also exist in our cells.

Another kind of DNA structure, called G-quadruplex (G4) DNA, was first visualised by researchers in human cells in 2013, who made use of an engineered antibody to reveal the G4 within cells.

In the new study, Zeraati and fellow researchers employed the same kind of technique, developing an antibody fragment (called iMab) that could specifically recognise and bind to i-motifs.

In doing so, it highlighted their location in the cell with an immunofluorescent glow.

"What excited us most is that we could see the green spots – the i-motifs – appearing and disappearing over time, so we know that they are forming, dissolving and forming again," says Zeraati.

While there’s still a lot to learn about how the i-motif structure functions, the findings indicate that transient i-motifs generally form late in a cell’s ‘life cycle’ – specifically called the late G1 phase, when DNA is being actively ‘read’.

The i-motifs also tend to appear in what are known as ‘promoter’ regions – areas of DNA that control whether genes are switched on or off – and in telomeres, genetic markers associated with ageing.

"We think the coming and going of the i-motifs is a clue to what they do," says Zeraati.

"It seems likely that they are there to help switch genes on or off, and to affect whether a gene is actively read or not."

Now that we definitively know this new form of DNA exists in cells, it’ll give researchers a mandate to figure out just what these structures are doing inside our bodies.

As Zeraati explains, the answers could be really important – not just for the i-motif, but for A-DNA, Z-DNA, triplex DNA, and cruciform DNA too.

"These alternative DNA conformations might be important for proteins in the cell to recognise their cognate DNA sequence and exert their regulatory functions," Zeraati explained to ScienceAlert.

"Therefore, the formation of these structures might be of utmost importance for the cell to function normally. And, any aberration in these structures might have pathological consequences."

The findings are reported in Nature Chemistry.


The only ethic as an NFL owner…make $$$$$$$$$

…NFL owner’s conviction is solely to protect their bottom line …$$$$… they are afraid of the boogieman…

…The only ethic as an NFL owner…make $$$$$$$$$…

NFL Owners Caught on Recording Admitting They Were Afraid Trump Would Attack Them for Hiring Kaepernick

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story…….A chilling revelation about the impact of the president’s abuses of office. ……….READ MORE»


N.F.L. owners and players discussed President Trump and Colin Kaepernick at a private meeting in October. The Times obtained a recording.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 12:24 PM EST

N.F.L. owners, players and league executives, about 30 in all, convened urgently at the league’s headquarters on Park Avenue in October, nearly a month after President Trump began deriding the league and its players over protests during the national anthem.

It was an extraordinary summit; rarely do owners and players meet in this manner.

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