This press release has been approved by Ducey “handlers”… Koch Bro$… as their acting surrogate… Note

image…This press release has been approved by Ducey “handlers”… Koch Bro$… as their acting surrogate… Note… as usual Ducey and our State Legislature simply say … Trust us we have your back, while providing us zero, nada, zip, no details on how their magical budget including the 20% increase for teachers will be achieved…


Governor Ducey, President Yarbrough and Speaker Mesnard Announce A Budget Deal

Includes 20 Percent Teacher Pay Increase By 2020

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey, Senate President Steve Yarbrough and House Speaker J.D. Mesnard released the following joint statement today announcing a deal on a 20 percent pay raise for Arizona teachers.

“Earlier this month, we stood shoulder to shoulder, in unity with the education community, to announce a plan for a 20 percent increase in teacher pay by school year 2020. Today, we are pleased to announce that this plan is a reality. Arizona is delivering on its commitment to our students and teachers.

"We are also restoring recession-era cuts to increase funding for schools and putting more money into the classroom — flexible dollars for superintendents to use for support staff pay increases, update antiquated curriculum and improve school infrastructure — without raising taxes. This plan benefits our children’s education across the state, and we are working through the weekend to introduce a budget early next week and pass it shortly thereafter.”

Teachers in Arizona Sound the Alarm That Republicans Have Broken the State’s School System

By Nicole Karlis, Salon

Only one option remains for the desperate teachers. READ MORE»

Ducey … just does not get it … He is NOT trusted by Arizona teachers …


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