…What other forms of evidence, proof, do you need to conclude that “bank$ter$” can do whatever they damn well please and our Congre$$$ will NOT stop them….

clip_image002…What other forms of evidence, proof, do you need to conclude that “bank$ter$” can do whatever they damn well please and our Congre$$$ will NOT stop them….


Banks Are More Profitable Than Ever, But Congress Bails Them Out AGAIN Anyway

Farron Cousins 

Major banking institutions in the United States just posted a collective $56 billion in profits for the FIRST QUARTER of this year. But apparently…




It is said we seek

Wisdom all of us

If that be true

How is wisdom to

Be defined…?  


Sages, scholars, poets concur

Wisdom comes

If ever

Over time.


Time spent in contemplation of

Those things dwelling in one heart

Things that we choose to own as part of us

Not our car, clothes, boats or goats, TV or other stuff

But those things

Which define us

Our choice of words used to describe our self to others

Words spoken in anger

Words used to forgive and forget

Actions taken when we’re rebuked

Words spoken in unconditional love we choose to honestly in that moment give


Wisdom reflects our emotions, too

How we are in each moment

Reflects to self and others, too

Who and what we are

And our wisdom shines through.


A wise sage once wrote

“judge not lest ye be judged”

Though I believe I find

Hard to do.

I am better than you,

And you, and even you

I tell myself

Forgetting all the while

As I point my finger straight at you

Four of my own reflect my wisdom in the moment

Directly back to me

My brilliant plan to blame and shame you

And you

Is rendered a sham for all the world to see

Witness and


Clever wasn’t I …?

With that seeming slight of hand

I choose to fool

You all

Instead I fooled none

Save not even myself.

Might this be a sign

Of wisdom too…?

I know not.



Did wisdom “we” – that’s you and me – witness

  When our country’s political leaders chose to preemptively and unprovoked invade another nation’s sovereign land…?

  Was it wisdom shown when our country’s political leaders chose to summarily delete basic human right granted to us since the Magna Carte…?

  Was it wisdom shown when our country’s political leaders chose when devastated was New Orleans become and shyly yet obediently we did turn our heads as bodies of Black Americans floated by…?

  Was it wisdom shown when our country’s political leaders chose when Katrina hit robotically we chose to wash our hands of them instead of rolling up our sleeves and digging in and helping them…?

  Was it wisdom shown when our country’s political leaders chose when our President recently requested we spend forty-six billion dollars more for bullets to better kill Iraq…?


Who walks in wisdom among us now…?

Do the words spoken in the … The Inconvenient Truth …

Strike us as wise…?

Are we genuinely safer today than before that fateful day…?

Are our lives less stressful as we go about our day…?

Do you choose to look anyone in the eye…?


In your huge Hummer SUV

You’re in command of the road

Power you emit

Back off now

Or face my will

Out of my way

I command of you

Power is wisdom

Or so we’re told


Is it wise the “Franken” foods we consume

So benevolently manufactured for us

By corporations having only our highest good in mind,

Yea right…?

You trust them


They wouldn’t lie to you

It’s not maximum profit they seek

But only your peace of mind

Good health

Longevity, too.


To see and recognize the wise

Slow down

We must become

Stop living in the rat race raze

Enabling us over time to see

What’s real for each of us.


To manifest as a prima-ballerina

Is a function of time and the exercise of skill

Wisdom’s like that too.

Only manifesting over time what we choose to exercise

The mind to see –  to have – and to hold.


Wisdom comes if “we” – that’s you and me – but ask

But only time can make it so

Speed it along we can’t

Attain it we can

As it solely deems its path to be.

Corporate America does every day on their way to the bank

clip_image002…There is a price to be paid for this “STUPIDITY” and it is paid in blood for the sake of a few damn $$$


  ..Corporate America does every day on their way to the bank…

keeps quiet about everything it does

clip_image002…The real headline is that our Pentagon keeps quiet about everything it does…

…And our “free” press keeps quiet about it ”tooooo”…???


Is it a path you choose to follow…???

imageFaking Appearances

When you make time to thoroughly contemplate America’s current path, what do you see…???

Is it a path which unites or separates…???

Is it a path which is sustainable…???

Is it a path you choose to follow…???


image…The manner in which courtesy is extended whether in a positively or negatively is instantaneously understood and likely imitated…

…Today Americans appear in lock-step to mimic the overtly discourteous manner with which our current President chooses to see and address most all other human beings on planet Earth…

Those daring to not willingly and obediently submit to acknowledging his presumed omnipotence are summarily referred to as ‘animals’ and threatened with being deported or possibly branded “an enemy of the state”  allowing Fuhrer Trump to ship them off to a secreted CIA location, thereby permitting his newly installed CIA director, to utilize her preferred “water-boarding” method of interrogation…

On our watch we allow courtesy to be extended and exercised under the guise of “protecting” us…

From what … that is never made transparent…???

America’ military under Trump extends its courtesy to using “drones” to unrelentingly KILL civilians in sovereign nations with impunity…

America’s corporate interest extends its form of courtesy, especially to third world African nations, to steal their natural resources, employ their citizens under slave-like conditions and wages, then summarily leaving, without so much as by your leave…

American “bank$ter$” lavishly extend their form of courtesy to finance their corporate friends on the one hand, all the while with their other hand, they $crew all those deemed to have NO voice, No standing, NO power…



If education is honestly and authentically promoted as the key to success, how then does America define success..???

image…If education is honestly and authentically promoted as the key to success, how then does America define success..???


…It strikes me that today, 2018, the American definition of success, is singularly and solely defined, as how much $$$$$$ – – – wealth – – – one has … HOW … the manner in which, they attain and acquire that wealth does not enter the discussion…

…That  …HOW … is not a topic for thorough discussion … is most notable, given the election of Donald J. Trump as President of our county.   The manner in which his presumed wealth is obtained is the subject of many videos, jokes, books, TV programs, all of which contain, to one degree or another, highly unsavory, derogatory, references to business practices bordering on, lying, cheating, racism, sexism, homophonic, incredibly narcissistic, bullying, threatening, corrosive, simply mean spirited…

…And yet for many, utilizing such attitudes and practices was insufficient to deter them from thinking such values authentically contribute to creating and making America Great Again…!!!

Today, America’s leadership educates to create … HOW … in citizens, with a mindset, they have been molding over the last 6 decades.    Culminating today in a citizenry they see, as amenable with 24/7 surveillance, with decreasing “rights” guaranteed to us by our constitution and bill of rights, with rules, regulations, law, justice created and dispensed in secret, behind closed doors, with no disclosure nor transparency provided … and most importantly with a citizenry which asks NO questions … instead, accepting the regurgitated comments deemed by ???? as truth and proof…???