Let’s discuss this number Governor Ducey…

…Let’s discuss this number Governor Ducey…

Report: $2 Billion Needed to Reach Arizona’s Educational Goals


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The Grand Canyon Institute reports that a $2 billion increase in Arizona’s annual funding of K-12 public education is needed to improve high school graduation rates, improve math and reading levels, and raise the number of Arizonans who have a 2- or 4-year degree.

“Arizona has run an austerity budget since the Great Recession,” said Dave Wells, the Institute’s research director. “Achieving the Arizona Education Progress Meter’s goals by 2030 requires new and dedicated funding source There are not sufficient funds from economic growth or potential fund sweeps or savings from other government services to meet these needs.

The Grand Canyon Institute (GCI), an independent, nonpartisan think tank, conducted its analysis based on educational goals defined in the Arizona Education Progress Meter. The goals were established by Expect More Arizona and The Center for the Future of Arizona.

The $2.1 billion annual increase in public education funding identified by GCI’s research includes investments in:

§  Early Childhood Education — $200 million to meet the needs of children under the poverty line to improve their success in school

§  Teacher Salaries — $686 million to provide a $10,000 flat raise to Arizona’s teachers to address what may be the worst teacher shortage in the country and maximize the recruitment and retention of young teaching professionals

§  Added Interventions—$250 million to achieve goals for third grade reaching, eighth-grade math and high school graduation

§  Refilling prior state investments:$991.million:

§  District Additional Assistance: $352 million

§  All-day Kindergarten: $265 million

§  New School Construction: $284 million

§  Building Renewal Funds: $90 million


Arizona Education Progress Meter

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