spread a bit of Koch Bro$ magic du$t over his minions

… All  AZ Gov Doug Ducey had to do was spread a bit of Koch Bro$ magic du$t over his minions in our State Legislature and WOW … 20% education increase but he won’t reveal where is the $$$$$$$.

Hello —

On April 12, we announced a plan to increase teacher pay by 20 percent — and I’m proud to report, we’ve delivered. Raises are on the way to Arizona teachers.

The #20×2020 plan has been passed by the legislature and I was proud to sign it into law, providing a 20 percent boost in teacher pay over the next three years and a significant increase in flexible dollars to Arizona schools for new textbooks, technology, infrastructure, and support staff.

Once fully implemented in school year 2020, the plan will constitute an increase of more than $1 billion in education spending.

And this is important: The budget does not compromise essential state services to accommodate our teacher pay package. It maintains the state’s commitment to fund developmental disabilities, skilled nurses, Medicaid, critical access hospitals, the arts, food banks, Alzheimer’s research and higher education. It accomplishes all of this, without raising taxes on hardworking Arizonans.

Over these last several weeks, in particular, I’ve had the honor of hearing directly from our teachers and school leaders. Their input has shaped and improved this plan. I’ve been incredibly impressed by our teachers, and I am grateful for their dedication to providing every child a quality educational experience.

We will never check the box on public education, and it remains one of the state’s most important responsibilities. With our economy growing, there is no better place to invest our dollars.

Our teachers do amazing work inside the classroom, and they have earned this raise.

Thank you,


It’s all smoke and mirrors

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