Watch the movie SPOTLIGHT and it is quite likely you might conclude that $4 billion $$$ is not nearly enough…

…Watch the movie SPOTLIGHT and it is quite likely you might conclude that $4 billion $$$ is not nearly enough…

The Vatican has paid nearly $4 billion

… to settle for children harmed by sexual abuseThe reality of child molestation by the Roman Catholic Church has surfaced time and time again, and yet, somehow, it continues to happen. If you watched the movie Spotlight, perhaps you have an idea of just how things are going down. But let’s break it down to date.While you can’t put a price on the innocence of a child, you can put a price on just how much the Roman Catholic Church has paid out in lawsuits over the never-ending epidemic…
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When did America honestly STOP torture … WE just do not hear about in our corporate controlled “free-press”…

…When did America honestly STOP torture … WE just do not hear about in our corporate controlled “free-press”…


Guess Who Wants to Make Torture Great Again     “There are a lot of Monday morning quarterbacks in the terrorism business.”

By Joseph Neese / Salon…..May 10, 2018, 10:00 PM GMT


Vice President Dick Cheney threw his full support behind Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump’s embattled nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency, claiming the veteran spy would "be a great director" while also calling for a continuation of the torture programs she once oversaw.

"If it were my call, I would not discontinue those programs," Cheney said of the George W. Bush administration’s controversial use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks during an appearance on the Fox Business network on Thursday. "I would have them active – and ready to go."

Trump’s nominee Haspel — who, if confirmed, would become the first female director of the nation’s top intelligence agency — faces scrutiny and uncertainty due to her past history with torture. Following 9/11, Haspel ran a secret CIA "black site" in Thailand where advanced interrogation techniques, waterboarding among them, were used on terror suspects. Haspel was later involved in the destruction of videotapes documenting the agency’s handling of suspected terrorists

Obama Paved Way for Haspel by Failing to Hold Torturers Accountable: Reporter Jeremy Scahill

By Amy Goodman, Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now

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This is a continuation of an education process begun decades ago and accelerated today thanks to “dark$$$”…

…This is a continuation of an education process begun decades ago and accelerated today thanks to “dark$$$”…

…Read Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto…

If You’re Worried About Free Speech on Campus, Don’t Fear Students—Fear the Koch Brothers

How billionaires and college administrators are using their power to silence students.

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...Dark $$$$ … NO full disclosure … NO transparency … Who honestly, actually controls Arizona, IF, you say the voters, taxpayers, citizens you are totally deluding yourself… It matters NOT the political affiliation of those seeking office what matters is to whom are they beholding, to whom are they loyal … that’s key, everything else is fluff…



April started out as a discouraging month for fans of transparency in government, but ended with a surge of public support for democracy and Red for Ed.

Dirty Money backers showed how much strong support they have in the Legislature and the Governor’s Office.  In  response to the voters of Tempe’s overwhelming support in March for a Charter Amendment that banned dirty money in city elections, the Legislature rushed to pass and the Governor signed a bill which took away the City’s power to pass disclosure rules.  But, Arizona cities were not deterred.  Phoenix has approved in concept their own disclosure ordinance and Tucson is considering doing the same.  Thankfully, we have officials who still represent the people.  And, the people have repeatedly said they want transparency in elections.

Late in April, hundreds of thousands of dollars in undisclosed, Dirty Money poured into the Special Election in Congressional District 8.

Help Arizona Outlaw Dirty Money.  Please circulate a petition to get the Stop Political Dirty Money amendment on the ballot. 

But, even the Legislators could hear the roar of thousands of red shirted education supporters.  Red for Ed surrounded the state Capitol in support of funding for public schools.  Although they tried to sneak away, Legislators ultimately passed a much better budget for the schools under the watchful eye of the Red for Ed supporters.  It became clear to those in the Legislative galleries and around Arizona that public schools are in so much trouble because of Dirty Money.  The Dirty Money forces have been encouraging our lawmakers to push money away from our public schools.  It’s time to end their control!




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