then let’s see what their feelings are

…All those politicians who favor waterboarding should be mandated to submit to such treatment as we witness and then let’s see what their feelings are…!!!!!!

Mother of U.S. Marine Who Was Waterboarded

Rips Cheney, Others


GregMitch  ….Community……Saturday May 16, 2009 · 8:25 AM PDT


As the usual rationalizations for  U.S. torture  (it works, it’s not so bad, we didn’t do it anyway) have come under increasing attack in recent days, a relatively new defense has emerged, from GOP members of congress, columnist Charles Krauthammer,  Fox News’ Jim Angle, and many others:  Waterboarding can’t be torture because we used it on "thousands" of our own troops as part of their training!

Of course, some have questioned the degree of waterboarding (was it the lite version?) and, of course, none of the military personnel were subjected to it 83 times.  But the argument remains out there.

This week, I received a letter from a woman from Florida, mother of a young Marine, who has corresponded with me before about her military background and her son joining up, at Editor & Publisher.  Her latest letter was extremely disturbing and also extremely relevant to the latest torture excuse.  Here is it is, with her name omitted for obvious reasons.


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