When do we acknowledge that our government is corporate owned and operates solely for their benefit NOT for you and me…???

…When do we acknowledge that our government is corporate owned and operates solely for their benefit NOT for you and me…???

Reporter Shoved, Others Barred From EPA Meeting On Water Contaminants

A reporter was grabbed and shoved by a security guard at the EPA headquarters in Washington on Tuesday while trying to attend a meeting on water contaminants. Reporters from multiple organizations were barred from attending.

The meeting took place after recently discovered emails from the agency showed that the White House and the EPA hoped to block a federal study on a water-contamination crisis after a Trump aide said it would cause a “public relations nightmare.”

The scandal led to Tuesday morning’s hearing, with Pruitt set to address what he now calls a “national priority.”

But reporters from The Associated Press, CNN and the environmental news organization E&E were barred from the meeting, the outlets said.

When an AP reporter attempted to pass through a security checkpoint inside the building, she was grabbed by the shoulders by a security guard and shoved out of the building, the AP reported. EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox told the reporters they had not been invited and there was no space for them.





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