… Am I mistaken to believe that Americans live conforming to a code…???

imageAm I mistaken to believe that Americans live conforming to a code…???

And if, such a “code” WE have, where does one find it, enabling us to see, feel, touch, smell and taste…???

Is this a code for everyone or just a special few…???

This code formulated, how, and by whom, when, where and why…???

Can this code, by everyone be understand…???

Has this code been around, long before America, a single nation became…???

Does the pigmentation of one’s skin, signify how this code applies…???


Do we apply this code applies equally to girls and boys…???

On this summer’s day in June 2017, I search the nooks and crannies of my brain, attempting to discover, where this code resides.

I start with a view, through my infant eyes, hoping a glimmer of a “code,” appears and how it applies to me.

A profusion of mixed-messages, blank faces, confused body language emerge, with mouth’s forming a message delivers, while the eyes yet another, convey.

The older I became – – obtuse — this code becomes.

It is not one size fits all … nor a path we all choose to walk.

It is not thoroughly discussed nor examined in our schools…

Its topics relentlessly, isolated, examined to make a point, especially about race, sex and god.

The code to which America adheres has been carefully crafted to be disclosed to you and me one spoon full at a time, after being layered and flavored by generations of lives lived adhering to greed.

Lives lived predominately by those whose skin is white, in language they understand, whose language and customs on paper, dwell.

The lives of those whose skin pigmentation, language, customs do not conform, to “white” protocol, find their code … excluded.

The code for America begins as “white” step off the boat, plants his flag, in the name of his sovereign governing the land he left, thanking his god for reaching the safety of these shores, beginning construction of his new settlements and church.

And now the genesis of an American code begins

The indigenous creatures, the first “whites” encountered, frightened them, as their skin was not white, their language, customs found  disturbing and more importantly, they are the majority…far out numbering white settlers on these newly discovered lands.

When given opportunity, it was discovered, these indigenous folk have much to offer, and in fact, more than once saved “whites” from starvation.  In return, “whites” gave to them incurable disease which “white” quickly learned could be used as a device to control.

As more white arrive, the demographics shift, and white majorities emerge, engulfing the domain, of these indigenous cultures encountered.

Judged that their culture and customs so offense “whites” find, these “red-skinned” creatures need unquestioningly conform to the “white-man’s way or be destroyed.

Though the manner in which these “red-skins” chose to govern, white assimilate into our nation’s legacy foundation documents, to achieve “Manifest Destiny” the red-man we annihilate.   In the process establishing a chapter in what evolves as our “moral” code.

…Dare attempt to stop the exercise of our “White” expansion at your own risk and peril…

In time our “white” moral code evolves, to sanction slavery, as a means to exploit, the growing of cotton, its economic value, beneficial to a voraciously expanding nation, which now, white dominate thanks to our use of the gun and control of our military duty bound to expand declared “white” virtues. 

Fast forward to 2017, America in chaos dwells… physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and especially financially … We know NOT whom to trust, we learn our eye deceive, the words of our leaders, even our President, we dare not trust.


Tragically Americans cannot recall the “back-story” leading to how WE become so mentally and ethically impotent.  For decades, hiding in plain sight, those seeing that when patient they could, in time, mold Americans, by controlling their education, to view them as benevolent and to be admired, instilling in Americans the desire to achieve similar status.

One must confess, to that end, “they” have substantively achieved that goal, as Americans are in 2018, “me too” orientated, desiring to achieve that “greed is good” status as the Gates/Microsoft, Walton’s, Bezo/Amazon, Facebook, movie stars, and celebrities so ostentatiously throw in our face daily…

The American goal is to achieve WEALTH without any consideration to how or whether in the process others are displaced, hurt, humiliated, deceived, or KILLED so long as “I” achieved that pentacle denoting me as RICH… 2018


Curiously … in the background of this “greed-achieving” a long simmering cauldron, so very successfully hidden behind closed doors … brews a new paradigm the likes of which are just beginning to be revealed … are you ready…???

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