If education is honestly and authentically promoted as the key to success, how then does America define success..???

image…If education is honestly and authentically promoted as the key to success, how then does America define success..???


…It strikes me that today, 2018, the American definition of success, is singularly and solely defined, as how much $$$$$$ – – – wealth – – – one has … HOW … the manner in which, they attain and acquire that wealth does not enter the discussion…

…That  …HOW … is not a topic for thorough discussion … is most notable, given the election of Donald J. Trump as President of our county.   The manner in which his presumed wealth is obtained is the subject of many videos, jokes, books, TV programs, all of which contain, to one degree or another, highly unsavory, derogatory, references to business practices bordering on, lying, cheating, racism, sexism, homophonic, incredibly narcissistic, bullying, threatening, corrosive, simply mean spirited…

…And yet for many, utilizing such attitudes and practices was insufficient to deter them from thinking such values authentically contribute to creating and making America Great Again…!!!

Today, America’s leadership educates to create … HOW … in citizens, with a mindset, they have been molding over the last 6 decades.    Culminating today in a citizenry they see, as amenable with 24/7 surveillance, with decreasing “rights” guaranteed to us by our constitution and bill of rights, with rules, regulations, law, justice created and dispensed in secret, behind closed doors, with no disclosure nor transparency provided … and most importantly with a citizenry which asks NO questions … instead, accepting the regurgitated comments deemed by ???? as truth and proof…???

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