You cause… …You bring about… …You make happen

image…You cause…

…You bring about…

…You make happen…


…Unsettling it can be to be made aware YOU are solely in control…

You can point your finger all you want, blame and shame too, to no avail, it’s all up to you, it’s on your shoulders it ultimately falls.

What is it that is being discussed … how about your life…???   It’s about how you want it to be, look like, feel…???

There is a poem about a smile …

A smile is something nice to see

It doesn’t cost a cent.

A smile is something all your own

It never can be lent.

A smile is welcome anywhere

It does away with frowns.

A smile is good for everyone

To ease life’s ups and down.

There is a passage with an indelible link to you … your life … A smile is something all your own …It never can be lentyour life,  like your smile is something absolutely exclusive to you alone, it cannot be lent…

You cannot give your life away, yes, you can choose to end it, put only you can live it, every minute of it.

And like it or not, you CHOOSE, yes, you alone CHOOSE how you spend every second, every minute, every hour of every day, no one else does.

Oh, but, you say, if imprisoned your life is controlled by others … true to the degree they dictate the bodily activities in which you will engage, but, they do not control your mind, only you control that…


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