It is so easy to be in anger

leading ever so close to

 – hate –

an emotion

familiar am I

with its power

not unlike that

personified by Darth Vader.


To say it is all a matter of choice

while true

soothes not the beast within

lays not to rest

the turmoil

my soul doth feel


to Air America radio

I turn.


The question I ask

and have for years


always – why –


Why can not our leaders



i know it always


in me.


Why did I choose to follow a path

which quenches

not that lingering

hunger in me to be seen as one

choosing to help

for one and all.

Why does water stir passion

residing deep within my soul

not fully developed yet

pushing, poking, pointing

in quiet moments revealed fleetingly.


Scholars current and long past


words written

a path


showing us a way

to have




health, too,

so why do we

allow paths to be






In moments when the

child within cries out

what can I do,

why should I care

I won’t be here any way

it’s in the future

too hard to predict.


I’m here to live in the moment

to take


to have and to hold

to accumulate


our American measure of a man

and an American

I am,


am I    really.



What is the measure of a man … ?

What yardstick do I use

to measure this by

what period of time do I use

what path do I follow

what goal does this measure make ..?


Men of my age

of nearly young 63,

a diet steadily fed

John Wayne,

Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead

Cold war politics

Peaceniks and Viet Nam

William Kunsler and Chicago Seven,

and lyrics … where have all the flowers gone

follow in the foot steps of your Dad


A good man

was he.

I miss you Abe

though long has seen the stirring of your soul

on this plane

it dwells deep within the

heart of me

and always will.


you know not me

nor I

the all of you.

I know paths

far different do we walk.

There are moments

precious to me

when your path

did I so envy

Jealous was I

of that precious yet subtle


you had and enjoyed

with Aunt Helen

so lacking in my life

not soon found.

I would so enjoy seeing you

and having you meet

the love of my life

who choose to become

my wife

        Shayla –

and establishing are we

that intangible

yet ever so strong level of

        trust –

Where ever you are today,


I want you to know,

like the lyrics from a song

… I have it all, just like Bogie and Bacall …


The dark which dwells in each of us

in some little, if at all,

needs only the smallest

slice of light

to dispel

the efficacy it seeks

to hold


to us.



The dark

many faces

does it wear

may places

does it seek to


Easy prey

are the weak

in spirit, mind and heart,


Easier still

those readily given to follow

a path

which pontificates and proclaims

its virtues



while denying

voice to anyone

who dares

say     NOT.


The dark strongly holds the hand and heart

to many of our world leaders today,

expressly so

for the USA,

fooled are they

perception they see

proclaiming them above all.


From an artificial place set high

leaders devalue

contributions others make

choosing only to see

how slaves

they can make of others –

you    and    me.



set to begin



is quickly dispelled

ushering in

light and harmony

















Thank You … but … I choose not to comply

esident Trump “honoring” and remembering our fallen on Memorial Day 2018… This is how he leads making us in America Great Again…


Trump Appeals to House And Senate Republicans To Back Him Up On Smearing U.S. Soldier’s Family


Dartagnan  ……Community

…MEMORIAL DAY… what a joke … and a damn sick joke as America takes a day to “officially” ostensibly honor all those who have served in our military to reputedly defend America’s freedoms…

…In our haste to place blame, following the  tragic events of 11 Sept 200l, we allow “W” Bush/Cheney to strip our freedom of speech … our right to assembly … our right to petition the actions of our government … allowing 24/7 surveillance without notification or provocation…

…More importantly we allow our government and our leaders to openly LIE & DECEIVE us with full cooperation of our reputedly “free-press”… now owned and/or controlled by “dark$$$”… to operate clandestinely from behind secreted closed doors … to authorize and deploy unmanned “drones” to indiscriminately KILL”…

…IF this is what you are asking me to honor on Memorial Day 2018…Thank You … but … I choose not to comply…!!!!


A Somber Memorial Day Reminder of the Terrible Cost

of War  …..    Wisco Wherls   ..Community

Thanks to Trump’s appointee America now has the perfect corporate oligarchy… You are now OWNED by the man…

clip_image001..Thanks to Trump’s appointee America now has the perfect corporate oligarchy…

You are now OWNED by the man…

Supreme Court gives employers a blank check to block their workers from seeking justice

If … Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist our military to KILL faster why is AI not an integral part of assisting our solider suffering from PTSD or other debilitating conditions…???

…If … Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist our military to KILL faster why is AI not an integral part of assisting our solider suffering from PTSD or other debilitating conditions…???

AI helps soldiers learn many times faster in combat

New technology allows U.S. Soldiers to learn 13 times faster than conventional methods and Army researchers said this may help save lives.At the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, scientists are improving the rate of learning even with limited resources. It’s possible to help Soldiers decipher hints of information faster and more quickly deploy solutions, such as recognizing threats like a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, or potential danger zones from aerial war zone images.The researchers relied…
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all signs indicate that America is well on our way to making that leap

…I could well be incorrect … but … all signs indicate that America is well on our way to making that leap … Could well be that “happy days are here again”…

The ancient world’s top political consultants were all women

The Pythia were senior priestesses who advised pilgrims on crucial political issues, making them the most powerful risk-analysis firm in ancient Greece.The priestess of the oracle at ancient Delphi, Greece. [Image: John Collier/Gift of the Rt. Honourable, the Earl of Kintore 1893/Wikimedia Commons]In 480 BCE, the citizens of Athens were in more trouble than it is possible for our modern minds to fathom. Xerxes, the seemingly omnipotent son of Darius the Great, had some unfinished business left to him by his…
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Understanding history is deemed irrelevant in Arizona

clip_image002…You realize don’t you, that you are asking this question of Arizona voters in a state where education has been deliberately underfunded for more the 30 years … Understanding history is deemed irrelevant in Arizona…

When will Trump Supporters Learn from History?


Posted on  by David Gordon | 4 comments

Our current President routinely lies and lies and lies. Just yesterday, he accused the New York Times of making up a source. That was a lie because there were 11 other news organizations in the room with the “made up source.” Earlier in the week, he lied about a spy implanted by the intelligence community in his campaign. He disputes facts like climate change in justifying his support for the coal industry. The Washington Post revealed that the President lies on average six times a day.

§  Our current President riles up his base by partially blaming our problems on illegal immigrants coming en mass across the border and launching crime waves with their gangs. This is another falsehood.

§  Our current President professes to be a patriot by criticizing football players for kneeling during the national anthem.

§  Our current President likes and praises authoritarian leaders like the ones in Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Egypt, and the Philipines.

§  Our current President, emboldened by his third National Security Advisor, the Prime Minister of Israel, and leaders of Saudi Arabia, appears to be laying the false propaganda narrative of justifying a military action against Iran.

Why does a significant portion of people who belong to the Party of Lincoln believe all the fecal matter coming from this President? This is astounding because the President is not the first demagogue to exhibit these behaviors or attempt these measures.

When will we ever learn from history? When will the people ever learn to recognize a power grab or a con job or a real witch hunt when it is happening. History offers us lots of lessons so we can recognize these attempts when they happen.

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