Thank You … but … I choose not to comply

esident Trump “honoring” and remembering our fallen on Memorial Day 2018… This is how he leads making us in America Great Again…


Trump Appeals to House And Senate Republicans To Back Him Up On Smearing U.S. Soldier’s Family


Dartagnan  ……Community

…MEMORIAL DAY… what a joke … and a damn sick joke as America takes a day to “officially” ostensibly honor all those who have served in our military to reputedly defend America’s freedoms…

…In our haste to place blame, following the  tragic events of 11 Sept 200l, we allow “W” Bush/Cheney to strip our freedom of speech … our right to assembly … our right to petition the actions of our government … allowing 24/7 surveillance without notification or provocation…

…More importantly we allow our government and our leaders to openly LIE & DECEIVE us with full cooperation of our reputedly “free-press”… now owned and/or controlled by “dark$$$”… to operate clandestinely from behind secreted closed doors … to authorize and deploy unmanned “drones” to indiscriminately KILL”…

…IF this is what you are asking me to honor on Memorial Day 2018…Thank You … but … I choose not to comply…!!!!


A Somber Memorial Day Reminder of the Terrible Cost

of War  …..    Wisco Wherls   ..Community

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